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Tales of a fourth grade nothing

Elizabeth Nicol

Amy Attinger

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Tales of a fourth grade nothing

Judy Blume Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing Characters Setting Introduction Climax Rising Action Rising Action Resolution This took place most of the time at their apartment and at school. The first thing that happened was Peter brought home a pet turtle,then named it Dribble.He won it by guessing how man jelly beans there are in a jar.then his little brother saw peter do a hand stand, so fudge tried to do it and now that he knows how to do it he stopped eating. Then one day he didn't eating and his dad was tired of it that so he pored his cereal on his head in the tub. Fudge Is Having a Party With Three friends. One Jennie who bites things another is Ralph who is Really fat and likes to eat every thing. Then its Sam who cry about every thing. Peter and some friends have to do a project for science. So they decided to do certain things and Sheila was in there group so she thought she was the boss and she made them do the poster. well Peter and his friend make the poster so they worked on it for a week then finished the following Sunday, and then peter left it under his bed. Peter came home and in his room the next day was Fudge then he said" U want to See!You want to see!"So Peter Said "What?" So fudge pulled pulled his poster out and Peter looked then said, "It's Destroyed!" They couldn't save the turtle sadly but, Peter did get a new pet dog and named it Turtle to remind him of the his turtle. Peter-He is a 9yr old boy who wants to live a life without getting annoyed.
Fudge- is a 3 year old boy who people adore but to peter he is annoying.
Mother- is protective ,cooks and cleans but is loving.
Sheila- is a annoying girl that yells "Peters got Cooties. " .T Peter wants to Have a Big lock on his door so peter doesn't get in his things.It didn't work out because fudge gets in to his scissors and cut his hair then fudge swallows his turtle. Review Over all I thought the book was good. I hope you will take some time and read this good book.
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