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Social Media for the HR Function

No description

Mario Gastaldi

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Social Media for the HR Function

We need to understand
HR and Business Executives
are looking at Social Media ...
has to be true!
Working on
A roadmap
Thank You
Mario Gastaldi
Managing Director
Attracting Talent
How is it possible?
or Technologies?
Implementing Social Media in the Organization.
Two case studies.
Guidelines for the HR function.
25 years of business experience with global companies and SMEs in Europe.

Mario has delivered complex projects for organizational clients such as Ceridian Mauritius, Novartis, Eli Lilly, Kronos, Coca Cola, ST Microlectronics, and a great number of other companies, global corporations, international start-ups or local family businesses.

He is a regular speaker at international events on the topics of social media, web technologies, and how these are changing business at an unprecedented pace.

EVONUE DIGITAL is working with the best talents in Mauritius, and providing guidance to businesses, in Mauritius and worldwide, on how to make the best of the digital channel.
Mario Gastaldi
1. Interesting?
2. Dangerous?
3. Are there Opportunities?
A truly great place to work
True great stories
to tell
Social Proof
Yes, it is true!
Usage of Social Media increases ...
some years by now ...

communication has multiple directions - it takes place in Conversations that are "many to many".
actually conversations "many to many" are not unheard of in the remote past too
Think of your employees talking about your company at the beach with their friends
In the past ...

some years ago ...
broadcasting "one to many" was the dominant pattern
We need a roadmap
Hiring cost per hire: minus 37% (last 4 yrs)
Passive candidates hires: plus 18%

Strong improvement of reputation among local
Educational Institutions;
High participation to initiatives, exposure on new media and traditional media.
Communicate Outside ...
Define business goals, strategy and talent needs
Define Personas - who is that you speak to?
Where are they? On-line ... off line ...
Hint ... go there!
Organize your presence on line
Social media ... which ones?
Content marketing strategy
Editorial Plan ...
Editorial Team
Rules and Guidelines
Collect the stories
Write them down
Make sure your talents know!
Employee Engagement Survey
The importance of design.
The importance of questions correctly designed
Poor questions lead people to focus on negative circumstance ... leading to ... strong dis-engagement.
Interestingly this is what many surveys do.

We worked with positive psychology and let negative circumstances fade away, and become unrelevant
while focusing on
positive circumstances
and amplification of them in the dominant narrative.
We used social media
for internal communication...

We combined live events
with ongoing communication and
An internal blogging platform

POSTEROUS (now part of Twitter)
15 Change initiatives - diverse -
Administrative processes;
Research processes;
Organizational structure ...

OREpedia: a repository of Knowledge
that now allows them to search and retrieve relevant information in a quick and effective way.
Focus on Human Systems
Organizational Development
What do technologies achieve anyways ...
Status updates
Information available in real time;
fast decisions;
manager can focus on strategy (not details);
much more accountability - contributions are visible;
autonomy -
awareness of wider purpose
reduction of travel costs;
increase of employee engagement.
Value of Web technologies
How to:
Getting There
Vision and
business goals
Get support
Set, and write, rules, guidelines.
Involve a diversity of employees
Train - set roles and responsibilities
This a journey.
Learn and
adapt continuously.
SM in the Organisation

4. Let's start tomorrow morning!

Social Media
Here you have "conversions"
job applications
International HRD Conference
Mauritius 17 - 18 October 2013
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