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Horror Genre

Summer Project

Bolaji Awotedu

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Horror Genre

Successful Horror Films
Horror is a film genre that reflect things that are frightening, worrisome, unpleasant and painful in which creates a sense of negative emotion and a reaction from the audience. This therefore makes them recoil and give them anxiety. Horror has played a huge impact in today’s preferred movie suggestions based on what the audience likes to watch and how directors can create a sense of realism to it.
Collages of Different Horror Genres
One of the most famous slasher horror films is the halloween film series, in which Michael Myers, a mentally disturbed child, begins a murder spree & continues into
his adult years.
Films like Childs Play, Chucky feature various murders, with a stereotypical psychopathic killer, attacking both strangers and the same people repeatedly.
Sub Genres of Horror
Dangerous Reality
Title sequence of SE7EN
Have you wanted to know more in depth about horror? well.. you've come to the right place

Here's an example of an horror trailer so you can have a feel of the suspense it creates
Sub genres found in horrors are used to scare, thrill & entertain the audience. Horror films reflect the dark side of life; the strange, forbidden and alarming events. Sub genres are the common form of horror films; Some of the typical genres of horrors include...
This type of horror film is a style used with lots of victims, usually with a obsessive killer who has a dangerous tool in whom they'll use to kill the victims, It is fast paced and dramatic, featuring atmospheric chase scenes and the victims been killed sequentially.

This sub genre relies on characters fears, guilt, eerie sound effects, beliefs, emotional instability and sometimes, the supernatural. This is used to build tension within the film and to further the plot.
Examples of this sub genre include:
Black Christmas
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
I Know What You Did Last Summer
Friday the 13th
"A Sub genre is a category of works that forms a specific class within a larger genre"
Creepy right?
Examples of this include
The Uninvited
The Ring
The Exorcist
Session 9

The Others
The Mothman Prophecies
The Shining
The Innocents
I was portraying a zombie in this video. The sound effects makes it more realistic and creates that spooky suspense.
Iconic Horror Characters
Zombie films will normally have creatures who are portrayed as being some sort of corpse of a human being, who are mindless of what they do.
Examples of this include:
Zombie nation
Return of the living dead
Shaun of the dead

Japanese horror is noticed for the unique way in which Japanese imagery of creating plots. Many of the popular Japanese horror films have been re made by the western market “Ring, Eye, Grudge”. Many j-horrors tend to be leaned towards the horror sub genre psychological horror, with the big themes of possession and exorcism. A common thing seen in j-horror, is the Yürei. This is a ghost which is bound to stay on earth as there emotions don't allow them to pass on. The appearance of this ghost who are female would normally wear white, have very long unkempt black hair.
Example of this include:
Noriko's Dinner Table
Splatter horror is the most gory sub genre, it is complete & utter EXTREME graphic violence all rolled up in to one. This is done through the use of special effects which over the years has advanced to make things seem so realistic, which causes a greater fear for the audience. In many splatter films we are shown the vulnerability of the human body and how the use of blood and guts is a great interest to the audience.
Example of this include:
Cannibal Holocaust
Piranha 3D
Blood Feast

Whilst doing this research during my summer holiday i wanted to be creative. I took images with my camera as i got a few ideas from my treatment synopsis and created my own pictures which was linked to that. My tag line is "what if" which sounds mysterious. What if the killer wasn't who the people expected? what if is a killer is a zombie?. I created a zombie video on my I phone in which is displayed if you continue .
What creates a successful horror movie is 3 essential things, You need to focus on one particular Sub genre in a horror in order to create fear and tension in the audience because if its not done in the correct way the horror can turn into a comedy which is the complete opposite to what a horror movie is suppose to create.
Monster films in horror tend to involve a creature wanting to kill human beingss. Monsters are normally an oversized species that cannot be controlled this will then be classed as a monster. An example of this would be King Kong. Monsters can also be smaller species instead of just being big
Thriller films tend not to be class in the horror section but depending on the graphic content of the film, some film pass the line and step into the horror section.This includes graphic content such as threats that may lead to death, this does not include psychological content. The threat will be constant and will scare the viewers as well. If you add an investigation side or adventure side to the story, I moves away from the Slasher/Splatter side of horror. You can say it’s a action and adventure film with a little bit of horror which you get Thriller when you mix all these together.
Examples of this include:
The Omen
Its date night

II believe that in a horror movie the effects are very important to every detail because its meant to look believable and if it don't look right then the audience wont believe it
Important Things
Without some sort of sound there is no tension and the build up to fear created so i believe that's important to have the right kind of music in a horror movie. Especially the use of violins are used in most films such as phyco to create the suspense and build up to fear in the movie.
Location is very important because the right location means the right fear is created in the film for example most horror films are filmed in old house, old theme parks, suburbs this creates the scene and makes the whole film more believable and it engages the audience as they feel that there in the film.
Vampires in horror are defined in their need to feed on blood and on their manipulative nature; it is a continuous theme shown through many horror films
Example of these include:
Let the right one in
Initial ideas of treatment:
Image 1
Image 2
The antagonist
The Antagonist
Image 3
The Antagonist
Jason Voorhees:
Friday 13th character is a young son of the camp cook Mrs Voorhees and stalks and murders people throughout. He is ruthless he isn't scared of anything and is a straight up killer
Jigsaw (Saw):
Jigsaw is a puppet in the films controlled by the main mastermind villain in the movie, he appears on the TV in the torture room briefing the victim of their sins and what the contraption they are linked into is all about and what it does, giving them a set time to complete a task that involves sacrificing a part of their body to gain their freedom.

Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street):
Freddy Krueger is a character who is a disfigured serial killer who uses a glove armed with razors to kill his victims in their dreams causing their deaths in the waking world as well, however whenever he is put into the real world he's normal human vulnerability becomes he's weakness.
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