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The Bronze Bow

No description

DJ McCalla

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of The Bronze Bow

Rising Action
Falling Action
Protagonist vs. Antagonists
First, Samson and Nathan died while trying to help Joel escape from Roman captivity. Daniel was angry most of the time and lived by the sword. But Samson and Nathan were not and they died by the sword. Joel was grateful that they saved him, but was sad that they had died. Daniel was sad and disappointed because Nathan left behind a bride and Samson sacrificed his life for Daniel and Joel.
While trying to save Joel from Roman captivity, both Samson and Nathan sacrificed their lives to save Joel.
Daniel vs. Roman soldiers
They were able to rescue Joel from Roman captivity. Daniel finally got over his hatred for the Romans and decided to follow Jesus. This happened when Leah was sick for the third day and Jesus came to her house. Daniel saw a light in Jesus and he also felt that Jesus was not judging him for rejecting him as the Savior. Daniel then decided to follow Jesus all the way; he was no longer angry or had hatred in his heart. Daniel went to find Marcus and told him that he can visit his sister Leah before he left for his country.
Elizabeth George Speare

Book Report
Plot Diagram
The Bronze Bow
The struggle to achieve freedom from hate and violence was very common in the book. Daniel tried time and time again to free himself of his fierce hatred of the Roman occupation of Israel. However, his need for the safety of the mountain and his outlaw friends overshadow his ability to move successfully. His vow to avenge his parents' death and the constant fear in his sister, Leah, were so strong that he was blinded with the need to defeat the Romans through war. He tried to make a short-term goal through patience but it was unsuccessful most of the time. However, his struggle ended when Jesus came to his house.
Setting-Mountain, Galilee.

Situation-Romans took over Daniel's home in Galilee and Daniel wanted revenge on the Romans.

Characters-Daniel, Rosh, Simon, Nathan, Samson, Leah, Thacia,
Joktan, Daniel's Grandma, Jesus, Marcus, Joel,
Amalek, and band of Rebel boys.
Character Analysis
Daniel- was raised very well by his parents and grandmother. He was taught good morals and to keep his Jewish faith. His parents were killed when he was young and he lived with his Grandmother and his sister. Since they had no food, His grandma sold him to a blacksmith. Amalek would always beat and overworked him. Daniel had enough of it and ran up the mountains, and joined forces with Rosh and his band. After hiding for months, he met Joel and his sister, Malthace, and the events of the story took place.
Joel-While climbing up the valley side, he met Daniel. Sharing the same views, they became friends. His father had fortune in Capernaum. He and his sister, Malthace, moved with the rest of the family to Jerusalem. They were associated with the rebels and provided information for Rosh.
Leah was not possessed by demons; she was just scared because she had lost a lot. Like her brother, Daniel left her at home and ran away to the mountains. Both of her parents were killed by the Romans. So she has gone through a lot emotionally. Thacia, her friend, has helped her to cope with her situations. But Daniel has ruined his relationship with her. But now, Leah and Daniel have repaired their relationship.
Love vs. Hate
Also this may happen but maybe not. Daniel and Malthace will get married.
Character Analysis pt. 2
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