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London Miller

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Beyonce

Born September 4, 1981 In Houston Texas
Active 1990's - 2010's

Beyonce Knowles was born on September 4th, 1981 in Houston Texas. Growing up, Beyonce had musical interests. Beyonce first started in an all girls R&B group called Destiny's Child. She was the lead singer followed by Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Latoya Luckett, and LaTavia Roberson. The group won 3 grammy awards and many other awards and nominations. But this was just the beginning of Beyonce's career.
After Beyonce's career with Destiny's Child, she became a solo artist in 2001. Her first album Dangerously in Love, was very succesful and sold 317,000 copies in the first week and has sold 4.83 million since it was released in 2003. Beyonce has released 8 other albums in the last 10 years. She has won 17 grammy awards and has been nominated 46 times. She has also won 10 American Music Awards and has been nominated 21 times.

Beyonce's latest album has become
the fastest selling album in itunes history. She has sold a total of 118 million albums as a solo artist and 16 million while in the group Destiny's Child. Beyonce Knowles has not only been a major influence on the music industry, she also has her own fragrance line and has starred in movies.
Whitney Houston
Contemporary Era
Whitney Houston made an impact on music today. She was not only a singer, but a recording artist, producer, and actress.
Esther Phillips
Contemporary Era
Esther Phillips started singing in a church as
a child and her passion for music began growing since then. She was a producer of Jazz, R&B, and Blues.

Ella Fitzgerald
Romantic Era

Ella Fitzgerald was known as the Queen of Jazz. She was known for her purity of tone.

Louis Armstrong-1901-1971
Romantic Era
Louis Armstrong was a very influential person in music. He’s known for his unique voice and trumpet playing. Louis defined jazz.
James P. Johnson- 1894-1955
Romantic Era

James P. Johnson is one of the greatest pianist of all time and was the artist of many hit jazz and classical songs. His style became known as stride.
Scott Joplin- 1868-1917
Impressionistic Romantic Era
Scott Joplin was known as the King of Ragtime. He achieved fame through his ragtime compositions and wrote 44 ragtime pieces, one ragtime ballet, and 2 operas.

John Philip Sousa 1854-1932 Impressionistic Romantic
John Philip Sousa worked very hard to make the elevate
the status of the military wind
band during the Civil War, he also
helped create
the sousaphone (a large tuba featured
in parade bands.) He was a Composer
of Classical and Easy Listening music.

Jacques Offenbach- 1819-1880
Impressionistic Romantic Era
Jacques was a part of the romantic period. He is known
for his many operettas and an uncompleted opera known as The Tales of Hoffman.

Johann Sebastian Bach-1685-1750
Baroque Era
Bach was extremely musically talented. He played the piano/organ and composed many ensembles. And was diabetes towards the end of his life.
Antonio Vivaldi 1678-1741
Baroque Era
Antonio Vivaldi created many, many spirited musical pieces in his lifetime and grew up in a very musical household and his father taught him how to play the violin.
Arcangelo Corelli-1653-1713
Baroque Era
Arcangelo Corelli is considered the master of the modern violin and had musical qualities that had never been seen before.

Leopold Mozart-1719-1791
Baroque Era
Leopold is most known for being the father and teacher of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but he himself was a German Composer. He was also a conductor, teacher, and violinist.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-1756-1791
Classical Era
Mozart is one of the greatest composers of all time and was musically gifted since he was a child.
Contemporary Era

1920-Present Day
Diverse Religion
Cell phones, the internet and email were invened in the 1980's
New York City became the art center of the world in the 1950's
Women were allowed to vote in 1920
Classical Era
Religion Varied
Music included Hyde, Mozart, and Beethoven
Art focued on the upper and middle classes
Small Pox vaccine found
Impressionistic/Romantic Era
Education was dominated by churchs
Suburbs began to develope
Artists mixed the colors on the canvas
Artists drew daily life, country and outdoor things.
Music tells a story or represents people things or dramatic events.

The Baroque Era
The world was expanding
Art and music was large and dramatic
Church had lots power
Royality hired musicans to show off.
People started breaking away from churchs and starting their own religions.
Pre-Renaissance Era
Independent goverment
Varied christanity
Gods and goddesses
Cave paintings,carvings, wood block paintings and stained glass.
Music reflected the beliefs of poeple.
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