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Nutritional Genomics

Can It Deliver on It's Promises?

Chelsea Gass

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Nutritional Genomics

Nutritional Genomics Team Members Chelsea Gass
Alex Fires
Kevin Lange
Katrina Ro
Aaron Summers Can It Deliver on Its Promises? Genomics- study of all genes in an organism and their interactions with environmental factors.

Nutritional Genomics?

The science of how
food (and its
interacts with the
genome. What is nutritional genomics? 1. Identify Genes Today's Nutritional
Genomic Researchers ... 2. Explain Mechanisms 3. Develop Practical Applications SNPs Example:
A common SNP in fat metabolism gene changes the response to dietary fat. Another influence to gene behavior parallel to your DNA is the epigenome.

A seperate bank of inheritable information. Gene Regulation How It Works! Epigenetics Methyl groups , small organic compounds, arise from the diet. Example FUTURE EFFECTS INTRO 1. Nutritional
2. Research
3. Epigenetics
4. Testing/Fraud New Equipment DNA micro-array
technology DNA Variations A small variation in a DNA sequence is called a mutation. Most common is a SNP Food Effects Whole foods can affect genetic processes.
Look back at Ch.2 on a nutritious diet. Modifying Epigenome Greatest change happens from environmental influences during embryonic development. Identical Twins Health Implications Same DNA Differences in Epigenome When genes are activated or silence health is then determined by other factors.

Example 1: Silencing a gene that promotes tumor growth is beneficial!

Example 2: Silencing a gene to suppress cancer growth can increase the likelihood of cancer or worsen an existing condition. Arguments What's more important? Expensive testing will either translate to better health for the nation or waste limited healthcare dollars. Fraud Evidence reported of widespread fraud among internet based nutritional genomics testing labs. Investigations Results given with DNA not analyzed. Companies scare consumers to purchase supplements. Common Sense Don't believe everything you
read and see.
If fraud is suspected contact FDA. Conclusion Future of nutritional science. Benefits? POP QUIZ Attachment/ Removal Pregnant women should not attempt to change children's and grandchildren's risks with loading up on B vitamins or substances.
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