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Urban Legends

No description

Adriana Campana

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Urban Legends

Urban Legends
What is an urban legend?
it is a kind of legend or lore, sometimes emparentable with a type of superstition, which, although it contains elements of the supernatural or improbable, is presented as true events today. Some are based on real events, but they are exaggerated, distorted or mixed with dummy data. Circulate through word of mouth, email or media as print, radio, television or the Internet. For example:
Not only dogs can lick
one day a girl was alone at home as her parents had a very important commitment and believed that she was responsible. She had the company of her dog and every time she was afraid she put her hand under the bed and the dog licked him and so she felt safe. That night she woke up at 2 am because she hear a strange noise, like someone ripped the floor well, she was very scared so he put his hand under her bed and her dog licked. The next morning she woke up, opened the curtain and found written in blood on the mirror: "not only dogs can lick" and his dog was butchered on the floor. But who licked the hand of the girl?
Luckily that did not you turn the light
two girls who lived together were best friends and one evening one of them decides he will go only for one night to sleep at his parents' house a few houses remained the place they shared so that the girl would go to the house of her parents and pack everything and go out at night to the house of her parents. In the elevator, she recalls that it was bringing her pajamas and up again, to reach apartment she notices that the lights were off and no catches to avoid waking her friend, takes his pajamas off to the house of her parents. In the afternoon she returns and finds the police in the apartment, she goes and finds his friend dead. Well, last night a thief had entered the apartment, killed her friend and stole his money, when she came in and as he was not turned on the light did not see him, he left a note on the mirror that said: "Luckily That did not you turn the light "
The devil at the party
at a party was a happy girl and very cute, and at night the party enters a young very attractive, all eyes were on the female, and the girl asked him to dance for a while, but she acceded told her feet look not that nervous was coming down after a while the girl out of curiosity on his head and saw that the boy had feet instead of crowbars and scared, guests watched as she fainted and was falling to the floor after she died a few days a strange burns on her back but she swear to the end that he was the devil
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