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Green Dewitt

No description

Grant Wolfe

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Green Dewitt

Green Dewitt
Early Years
Green Dewitt was born February12, 1787, in Lincoln County Kentucky. As an infant he moved to Missouri with the rest of his family. At the age of 18 he moved back to Kentucky where he studied for 2 years, after that he moved once again back to Missouri . In 1808 he married a
woman named Sarah Seely,during that year he also joined the militia and in 1812 fought in the war and assumed the rank Captain by the end of the war.
After the war Green Dewitt was inspired by Moses Austin's success obtaining a land grant from The Spanish Government. In 1822 he petition The Spanish Goverment for one of his own Empresario land contract, But failed. So in 1825 he traveled to the city Satillo(The capitol of Mexican Texas)to try again. Aided by Austin and Baron De Bastrop he got his land grant andhad to bring in 400 Anglo-American Families.
Land Grant Location
When Green finally got his land grant this is where it was positioned, it was right next to Austin's colony one of the biggest land grants in Texas.
Colony Ads/Opening
Green Dewitt's colony started placing ads in Missouri in 1825 and started to take in families in 1826, Including his wife,his two boys,and three of four of his daughters. His family collided with the other people already living in that colony before they had gotten there land grant.
Fun Fact
Although Green Dewitt represented The District Of Gonzales in the convention of 1833,Dewitt never assumed an elected government position.
Colony Problems
Even though Dewitt's colony was doing pretty good he was unable to meet the deadline to bring in families so he and his colony ended up losing a lot of money to to that. Overall his colony didn't produce many materials and didn't make much money off of trading so there colony was bound to fail. A colonist once said "Money was as scarce a bread."
Sarah Seely Dewitt
Sarah Seely(Dewitt's Wife) lived many years past Green Dewitt's death but finally died at the age of 67 in 1854
Fun Fact
Green Dewitt's daughters dress was made into the famous come and take it flag for The Battle Of Gonzales.
Dewitt And Cholera
After traveling to the town of Monclova to try and save his colony Green Dewitt contracted a deadly disease known as cholera. Days later he died on the date of May 18, 1835.
Fun Fact
Sarah Seely was one of the only women to own a land grant in Mexico, it was known as The Sarah Seely Grant.
Green Dewitt Timeline
Green Dewitt is born.
Green Dewitt marries Sarah Seely.
Green Fights in the war of 1812.
Green gets his land grant.
Begins to take in families
Green travels to Manclova
Green Dewitt Dies
The End
Made and Presented by: Grant Wolfe
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