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Analysis of the Filipino- American Culture

No description

Ashley Dade

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Analysis of the Filipino- American Culture

- American

Biological Variations
Environmental Control
Folk Medicine
Environmental Control
Illness and Wellness Behaviors
Biological Variations
Susceptibility to Disease
Social Organization
Past- Oriented
Run on "Filipino time"
Implications on Nursing Care:
Filipino- Americans may not adhere to appointments or schedule deadlines

Birth Rituals

Death/Dying Rituals

Implications of Nursing Care
Filipino Americans are very family oriented, so health decisions will most likely be shared with family members.
Shamans and Curers
Theory of the Four Humors
Folk Healer/Western Trained Physician
Malaysian culture
Home Remedies
Implications of Nursing Care
Filipino-Americans rely on folk medicine, so nurses need to develop education training programs that will help identify and eliminate harmful folk practices
Implications of Nursing Care:
If it is beneficial or neutral, nurses should incorporate a plan of care
Body Size/Structure
Skin Color/
Visible Characteristics
Nutritional Preferences
Diabetes Mellitus
The Filipino American Culture

Group #2

Nikki Kady,
William Calderon, Agnieszka Patrus Ashley Dade
Overview of Filipinos Group
1) Geography
2) Population
3) Economy & Agriculture
Becker, G. (1922, December 5). Cultural Expressions of
Bodily Awareness Among Chronically Ill Filipino Americans. National Center for Biotechnology Information. Retrieved April 8, 2014, from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P

Giger, J. N., & Davidhizar, R. E. (2004). Filipino
Americans. Transcultural nursing: assessment & intervention (4th ed., pp. 403-425). St. Louis, Mo.: Mosby.
Eight Major Languages
Males do not acknowledge emotions
Nursing Implications: It would also be wise to consider both gender and age when communicating with the client.
Collapsed space
Nursing implications: It is not uncommon for a Filipino client to have the entire family, which includes nuclear and extended family members, hovering at the bedside.

Familiar with a limited personal space

May not leave their room.
Immigration to the U.S
1st wave
2nd wave
3rd wave
Where are most Filipinos in the U.S.?
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