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21st Century Leadership Tools

No description

Jennie Snyder

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of 21st Century Leadership Tools

21st Century Leadership Tools: Twitter
Who cares about....?
Jennie Snyder, Ed.D.
How to Build Your PLN
Find your passions
Get a Twitter account
Do a blog search
Be a lurker for awhile
Share good stuff
Make it a habit
from "Create Your PLN: 6 Easy Steps" by Will Richardson,
Educational Leadership, June 2013
Why connect?
Twitter Chats for Educators
#edchat -- Chat for educators on a variety of topics
#caedchat -- California educators
#edtechchat -- educational technology
#cpchat -- Connected Principals
#edfocus -- book chat for educators
#suptchat -- Superintendents on Twitter
#elemchat -- elementary educators
Find more at: Cybraryman's Weekly Twitter Chats webpage http://bit.ly/1eAAief

Basic Twitter Terms
@ -- Twitter user's handle or address (for example: @pousdsupt)
Replies: Tweets sent to a Twitter user that can be seen by everyone
Direct messages (DM): Private message sent only to the Twitter user.
Retweet (RT): Sending out a Tweet from another user.
a specific topic or keyword
to search for topics of interest
to follow conversations on Twitter ("chats")
"The change we are in the middle of isn't minor and it isn't optional..." -- Clay Shirky
Why Twitter is the hub of my PLN
Where it began...
Tools for tracking #hashtages and #chats
Personal Learning Network (PLN)
"Meaningful change ain’t gonna happen for our kids if we’re not willing to invest in it for ourselves first. At the heart, it’s not about schools…it’s about us."
Will Richardson, author of Personal Learning Networks: Using the Power of Connections to Transform Education
A network of people you engage with and learn from.
You create it.
You can customize it to your questions, interests and needs.
Provides access to resources and information from around the world.
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