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Cell City

No description

Katheen Lewis

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Cell City

Grocery Store Power Company A construction company acts like a factroy to produce buildings for a city, just like how a ribosome acts as a factory to produce proteins for a cell. Construction Company City Limits City Hall is the control center of a city, just like how the nucleus is the control center of a cell. City Hall A food processing plant transforms food and other matrials into something else, just like how a lysosome uses chemichals that it contains to break down food particles and worn-out cell parts. Food Processing Plant Jimmy City City Hall Construction Company City Limits Grass and Trees Food Processing Plant (Animal Cell) Power Company Grocery Store Post Office Highway System (Nucleus) (Cell Membrane) The city limits protect the city that it surrounds, just like how the cell membrane protects the cell that it surrounds. (Ribosome) (Lysosome) (Mitochondria) A power company produces energy for a city, just like how a mitochondria produces most of the energy for the cell. (Vacuole) A grocery store stores food, water, and other materials for people in the city to buy, just like how a vacuole stores food, water, waste, and other materials for the cell. Grass and Trees (Cytoplasm) Grass and trees fill in the area between structures, just like how cytoplasm fills the area between the cell membrane and the nucleus. Post Office (Golgi Body) The post office ships letters and packages out to a town, just like how receives materials from the endoplasmic reticulum and sends them out to other parts of the cell. Highway System (Endoplasmic Reticulum) A highway system is a network of passageways that helps automobiles get from one place to another, just like how the endoplasmic reticulum is a network of passageways that carries materials from one part of the cell to another. By Jimmy Lewis Sources http://www.canyonconstructionco.com/Images/CCC%20Building.JPG
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