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DT homework: David and Kit

DT homework on: anthropometrics, ergonomics and "new and smart materials"

kit foulkes

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of DT homework: David and Kit

CLB 04/10/13
Anthropometrics, ergonomics and 'new and smart materials'
Kit Foulkes
David O'Domhnaill
Jaian Patel
Smart and New Materials
Anthropometrics is the study of the sizes of people in relation to products. For example, chairs used in schools need to be suitable for the average size of pupils in the schools.
davids data
Ergonomics is the study
of how comfortable an item
is to use. The data is used to help
make things that aren't hard to use
or difficult to hold
The phone is a good example of this, the telephone has gone from being a pole with two circles on (in terms of shape) to a
slightly more comfortable reciever to a modern, easily
held, and pocketable phone without any annoying
wires. Also mobiles can have cases to make them easier to grip. For example:
DT Homework
non sibi sed omnibus



our data
As you can see Kit and I are different sizes. This means that we have different anthropometric data.
kits data
These materials are relatively new and some are unheard of but they are very interesting and each material has an interesting property.
It went from this
To this,
the iPhone
Nitenol - a special wire which will return to it's original shape whenever warm water is poured onto it. It will work over and over again, hundreds of times. Although we watched this video in class it was very interesting so we may as well watch it again as it is informative.
Phosphorescent sheet is a glow in the dark sheet of plastic which can be used for a whole range of things including stars on ceilings and fire exit signs as well as other safety symbols
Magnetic sheet is just a sheet of metal which is magnetic - simples.
For example: fridge magnets. The ones that we showed you are just plastic shapes with magnetic sheet attached to the underside.
Polymorph is a plastic which arrives in little grains like rice. it can be moulded with your hands at a temperature of about 60°Centigrade You can change the shape of the plastic over and over again .It can be moulded again by making pellets from the shape by throwing into a big chopping machine, Then you heat it in lukewarm water so that you can start again. It is godd for making shapes that are curved and irregular.
Thermocolour sheet is a material which changes colour according to the change in temperature of the material. This is good for things like measuring how hot the water is in the bath or how hot your baby's food is before you feed it to them and more!
Quantum tunneling compound
Quantum tunneling compound is a material which tunnels electrons under pressure but otherwise does not tunnel electrons which basically means if you stand on it electricity can go through it and if you step off it the electricity can't go through it. As you can see this kind of thing would be great for things like burglar alarms and other things you want to be able to trigger without people noticing.
Thanks for watching this brilliant prezi by David O'Domhnaill and Kit Foulkes and Jaian Patel - 8s
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