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Civil War in Egypt??

No description

Kandace Fung

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of Civil War in Egypt??

Civil War in Egypt??
What's Happening Now??
How is the problem being solved??
What Can You Do to Help??
What is this About??
Morsi’s Powerful Decree
- November 22, 2012
•Constitutional decree announced
-Gives Morsi sweeping powers
-Shura Council cannot be dissolved
•Gives Morsi more power
-Does not meet revolutionary demands
-Freedom of worship still not guaranteed
-Women not included
People's Reactions
- Huge opposition to decree
• Considered deepest political crisis
since January 25 Revolution
- Complete rejection
• Huge opposition
• Revolts and strikes
• Minorities feeling excluded
The Annulment and Signing
of a “New” Constitution
-Mubarak with a beard
-December 8th: “annulled”
-December 15th: popular vote approved
-December 22nd: rigged referendum voting
- Morsi signs new constitution
Yacoub Today
- Greatest Nile Collar
• Awarded from former Egyptian president
- 77 years old
- Heart surgeon in England
- Volunteer work in Egypt
- Christian intolerance still going on
How is this relevant to me?
- Affects many people on a daily bases
- May affect people’s view of government
in our society
What is the relation to social injustice?
Government is using violence against peaceful protesters
-Citizens subjected to civil unjustice
-Citizens have little to no say
-Use of violence against innocent people
Police force using abuse of authority
Peaceful Protest
Use of Violence
What can I do to help?
- Contact officials to help deal with
this matter
- Research more about topic
- Contact organizations to raise
- Spread information
Tell your friends about the topic
- Class splits into two sides
government and the citizens
we will choose a “dictator” for
the government
all decisions will be made officially
by the "dictator"
- You all will be given candy
for citizens- they are rights
for government- it would be power
1.When did religious intolerance start in Egyptian rule?
3.Who is the Egyptian president today?
4.Name one thing Morsi’s decree failed to do.
5.What was Yacoub persecuted for?
6.Who came into power after the fall of Mubarak?
7.What has been the government’s response to the people’s protests?
8.What do the citizens call Morsi?
9.What is the Muslim Brotherhood?
10.Name an accomplishment Yacoub has achieved.
- All neutral except for U.S.
- Government uses violent oppression
- Muslim Brotherhood
Tear gas, gunfire, beatings, torture
Take opportunity to seize power
Personal Case Study
- Sir Magdy Habib Yacoub
Persecuted for religion
Shows minority religions can be successful
Violence will continue
Civil war will occur Egypt
- If injustice continues:
Political Corruption
- Who: Egyptian Citizens and “Government”
Religious Intolerance
- How It Relates to Social Injustice:
- Why: Corrupt Government System
- When: January 25th, 2011 – Present
- Where: The Middle East, specifically Egypt
- What: Social Injustice in Egypt!
Where It All Started
- Muslim Brotherhood begin to attack
- About 1952
- Started with President Gamal Abdel Nasser
- He placed restrictions on Coptic Christians
- President Anwar Sadat comes into office
Allows Brotherhood to do as they wish
Mubarak, Religious Intolerance, and the
Collapsing of His Regime
- President Hosni Mubarak.
- Mubarak was overthrown
- January 25, 2011: The first of the protests were held
Protests that led to a revolution were scheduled
- A secret group was formed on Facebook
Known to public
- He stole money
- Religious persecution went unaddressed
The Military
To be dissolved
- The court declared the verdict was that they
are still corrupt
- Citizens question bicameral parliament
“Majority voted yes”
- The articles passed on May 9, 2011
Citizens were threatened to vote yes
Drafted new articles to be added
to 1971constitution
- Military took control
A New President, and a New Dictator:
Mohammed Morsi
- Summer 2012
- Election is held and the people voted
- Mohammed Morsi Wins
Mohammed Morsi (Brotherhood) vs. Ahmed Shafik (Muslim, but not Brotherhood)
- Military is now pushed to the side
And Now A Victim: Magdy Yacoub
- Wished to be a heart surgeon from childhood
- Was denied acceptance into college because
of religion
- Moved to London
Couldn’t pursue dream within the comfort
of his home
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Shura Council
Constituent Assembly
2. Which president caused the January 25 Revolution?
Releases the Brotherhood
After assassination attempts: imprisoned Brotherhood
- U.S. supports Morsi
Annually gives Egypt's government money

1) Did you know that Egypt is currently undergoing a state of antebellum?
Yes No
2) Do you think violence is necessary for each side to prove their point?
Yes No
3) Are you aware of the police brutality being used against citizens in Egypt?
Yes No
4) Did you know that the Egyptian government had been rigging or corrupting the
presidential elections for about 30 years?
Yes No
5) Although there is freedom of speech, the current state of, “emergency
laws,” in Egypt prevents citizens from doing or saying anything that criticizes
the government in any way. Do you think that this is a restriction of the freedom
of speech or an injustice?
Yes No
Anticipatory Set
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