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08.07 Invisible Warfare: Assessment

No description

Alexa Styles

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of 08.07 Invisible Warfare: Assessment

08.07 Invisible Warfare: Assessment
In this lesson I learned that religion has such a wide range of impact on everywhere in the world. It led Muslims to go against imperialism. A physical example would be 9/11. Terrorists decided to go and blow up our towers, attempt to destroy the White House, and blow up the Pentagon. I also learned that some countries, including America, responded to terrorism in a similar way. They cracked down on certain things. For example, American airlines became more strict with their packing policies and became more tough and thorough with their security.
My quilt represents the response America had on the 9/11 tragedy and the aftermath. It is for those who were lost and those who had lost someone or something on that nightmare of a day. The picture on the top right is when the towers were hit. Many people were killed because of the fire from the hit or jumping from windows in attempt to survive. To the left of that picture is some photo art of Superman carrying a firefighter. This shows respect for our hometown super heroes who were lost in the rubble, which is pictured behind superman, when trying to save our people. Below that is a picture of a depressed Lady Liberty with only smoke as the background. This represents the nations depression and amount of fear, yet with her still holding her torch high, there is still hope and we will rise again, together. To the right of that is a picture of some rubble after the explosion and crashes, yet in the midst, the rubble seems to make a cross. Like the Lady Liberty picture, this signifies hope, the Lord is watching and he will help us find the light in this dark hour. Above this is a man kneeling and touching a slab. This slab is part of one of the fountains at Ground Zero in New York. All of the names of those who were lost on 9/11 were chiseled into those slabs. This shows that we have risen up from the ashes and rubble and we still have those we lost in our hearts. The last picture, all the way on the left, is an old picture of the twin towers with some writing on it. it says,"We move forward but it stays with us." That statement is very true. It has been over 10 years and we have grown stronger, yet the pain and fear of that day will stay with us forever and we will continue to tell our children and our children's children of that day.
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