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Geometry - Module Eight Activity

No description

Kayla Adair

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Geometry - Module Eight Activity

Pizza Our restaurant would choose to focus on making a large pizza. Our pizza will be 20 inches in diameter. Our pizza will be cut into 12 slices. Our pizza has 12 congruent slices. The interior angle of each slice is equal to 30 degrees. I found the arc lengths by using the equation 30 / 360 (pi * 20) = 5.2 inches.
To find the area, I used the equation 30 / 360 (pi * 100). The area of each slice is 26.1 square inches. That is where our restaurant in located (0,0). That is our delivery radius coverage. What are the pros and cons to the pizza slices options? Which number of pizza slices will you choose for your pizza place, and why? What are the pros and cons to the delivery radius options? Which delivery radius will you choose for your pizza place, and why? The pros to pizza slices are if the customer knows they need more than 12 slices, they will order a bigger pizza or more pizza's. The cons are that if the customer doesn't want to buy more than one pizza, or a bigger pizza, but 12 slices isn't enough, then it'd be nice for them to be able to choose the amount of slices themselves. Our restaurant chose 12 slices. The pros to a delivery radius is that we won't have to drive all over the state to deliver a pizza, so it ensures that the pizza is warm when delivered. The cons to a radius is that we may lose business because our radius doesn't reach their desired location. We decided that our delivery radius would reach 7 miles south and north, and 8 miles east and west from our restaurant.
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