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mind map

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jalen carr

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of mind map

What makes a great story great?
Introspection Characterization Setting
Plot and Action Dialogue
Description Where things take place in a story. Writing that paints
a colorful picture
of a person, place,
and thing, or an idea using vivid details.
The conversation between 2 or more characters.
A window into a speakers thoughts, feelings, or beliefs.
A key element of fiction that helps develop and deepen characterization.

Exposition: The start of the story, the situation before the protagonist and antagonist find out the setting What the characters
think in a short story,
novel, or other piece
of narrative stories. EXAMPLE: from"The Women In The Snow"
"It ain't the same girl dummy. You know they all look alike." EXAMPLE:from the book "Found" " My best friend ran off into the woods
on a stormy night in Las Vegas,Nevada,U.S.A
EXAMPLE: In the fun they had by Isaac Isamovv "Sure they had a teacher, but it wasn't a regular teacher. It was a man."
"A man? How could a man be a teacher?"
EXAMPLE: from the story Ho-ichi the earless by Rafe Martin. The samuri pounded the door with his mailed fist. It helps me visulize what has happened in this piece.
I can relate to the character Greg
about wanting to quit a sport however,
Greg wanted to quit for the wrong reasons such as I. Once I refoucsed and remembered why I was there (which was to reach a goal I had set) I became re-energized and was able to countinue. I become a more competitive, determined, and a better all-around athelete.
Great authors usually give us the following imforation about them including:

Their physical appearance and personality.
Their Speech,Thoughts,Feelings, and Action.
Possible interactions with other characters.
How you, as the reader, connect with, or feel about the character. The main character in a story is called:

The Protagonist- the central problem in the story centers around this character. Another important charaecter in a story is:

The antagonist- The secondary character in a story. This character works against the protagonist of a story. Example: From the book of
"Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaky
Peaky Spying"
Junie B. is the main character. She is decribed
as sneaky, loves to brag, nosey, and stubbern.
Example: Junie B's teacher described as happy with short brown hair and wears long skirts made of wool. I can relate to Junie B.
character wnen it comes to spying. I have friends that brag alot and I have found myself spying on them to verify things they have told me. It is actualy kind of fun. There is usualy more to the story than originaly told. A setting consists of five key details:





The example given in the book was scary. I personaly like settings that are bright sunny with warm weather. Simular to ISM's setting every morning when I arrive to school. It's a upbeat, refreshing and fun. Components Rising Action: The series of conflicts and crises in the story that lead to the climax. Climax: The turning point, the most intense moment; this is the most exciting or stressful part of the story. Falling Action: All of the action follows the climax. Resolution: The conculsion, the tying together of all the threads. Example: From the story"Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaky
Peaky Spying" When Junie B. hide in the dirty clothes basket to spy on her Grandfather she was not able to control her reaction to what she saw. She hollered very loudely scaring her Grandfather. The Plot and Action was so intence it scared me!
I experinced a situation that included all of the components within the Plot and Action of a story. I was attending my family reunion and having lots of fun. When all of a sudden I was struck with pain under my arm. Everyone rushed to help me but noone could figure out why I was crying and becoming histerical until my grandfather removed my shirt and discovered a bee had stung me. Everyone later said they felt the intensity so much they felt they had been stung also. I can relate to the character because I have had a couple dreams that made me cry. Sometimes I have really cool dreams that awake me during the night. Those dreams are usualy about fun things that have happened which makes me smile not cry. I once experinced some racism at my old school. There were some favortism towards some kids that made us feel uncomfortable. Feeling like you are different is no fun. When I bought my brand new, shiny shoes I can see my reflection on the glazed plastic. THE END By: Jalen Carr
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