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Daniela Cardenas

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Ecosystems

Ecosystems Producers:
Are organisms that
produce organic compounds
from inorganic compounds.

is the organisms
that obtain food from
other organisms. Consumers Decomposers:
They consume dead
plants and animals
and decomposes

Producers, consumers, decomposers are connected because the producers provide air, food, and sunlight for the
consumers then finally the decomposers clean the dead stuff. A lot of animals live in
different habitats:
* Taiga
* Grassland
*Deciduous Forest
* Rain Forest Tundra:
Tundras are very cold and covered with snow. There is 6 to 10 inches of snow. Taiga:
Winter and summer are
the main seasons. Underr 12 to
33 degrees of snow. Grassland:
In winter is 40 degrees F
and in summer is 70 degress F.
Deciduous Forest:
Leaves fall off to get
water ans live. 30- 60
degrees of precipitation.
The climate on the
desert is hot and dry.
Plants in the desert can
just stay 1 day!
Rain Forest:
The rain forest is very
wet, humid and hot.
A lot of types of animals
live there. An ecosytem can support
a variaty of organisms because
it has habitats that contains water,
shelter, sunlight and space.

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