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scrawl by: mark shulman

by;cynthia rodgers

Cynthia Rodgers

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of scrawl by: mark shulman

by: Mark Shulman author info mark shulman is a american author and a australian
league Player. He was born April 1, 1962 in Rochester, New York.
Scrawl was awarded one of the best fiction books for young adults. setting There is'nt that much settings in the book...
but the 2 main ones are todds houses
and the school. The book doesn't say what time
period it's in, but if i had to guess it would be around
2010 or 2011. characters the main characters in the book are
Todd munn, todds mom, the little kids todd bullies
and the consoler(mrs.woodrow) also the other teachers. There is'nt that much characters
in the book. plot well a kid named Todd munn is secretly brillant but choses to bully kids.bHe scares all of the kids to give him there lunch money. But one day he got in trouble, his friends had to do yard work while
he has to go to the consoler each day for the rest of the year and scrawl his feeling into a tore up notebook.The consoler told him that he has two chocies. One to be a bad guy and never stop righting in the book or be a good guy and help the world. conflict the problem in the story was that he didn't want to stop bullying.
He told the consoler that bullying was he's life and that he could never see his-self being nice. But the consoler changed his mind. well hopefully. scrawl climax well the most exciting part of the book is when he turns out to be good. everybody was shocked. they didn't think that he was actually going to change because of how rude and mean he was. everyday todd would help everybody out i mean everybody, he never forgot one person who needed help. what i think.. i thought the book was alright... i mean it was good, just not that good. if i had to rate the book i'd give it a five at the most. one thing that stands out in the book is that it seems real like something that would realy happen.
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