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Leadership Presentation on Ellen Degeneres

No description

Stacey Hunter

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Leadership Presentation on Ellen Degeneres

Women's Rights and Leadership Style Who is Ellen Degeneres? Stacey Hunter Sareen Sarmazian
Matthew Greiner Ryan Little
Raymond Donkers Keith Simmons
Lindsay Monkman Angela Lamperth
Emelie Olsson Ryan Tapley
Braedan Budiak-Jarvie Shannon Ward
Stephanie Anandraj Gay Rights and Awareness Stance Against One Million Moms Bullying The Trevor Project and The Pacer Center Charities & Animal Rights
Stand Up To Cancer A Leadership Presentation Ellen Degeneres CoverGirl Why CoverGirl? How did it Begin?
What were your thoughts when they asked you to be the new face of Covergirl? JC Penny Partnership and Controversy Bullying Awareness National Bullying Prevention Center "Bully" the movie Awards 35 Daytime Emmy's 11 People's Choice Awards Teen Choice Award for Choice Comedian Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women, TIME magazine's 100 Most Influential People, and Entertainment Weekly's 50 Most Powerful Entertainers Charitable Contributions Susan B. Komen For the Cure
Red Cross
Children`s Health Fund
Helping a Family in Need
Hurricane Katrina
Helping the Tornado Victims Animal Rights
PETA Woman of the Year 2009
Farm Sanctuary "Be Kind to One Another" How do you want to be viewed as a leader? American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
Farm Sanctuary
Society for Animal Protective Legislation
The Humane Society Animal Rights Organizations
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