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Stomach Chips

No description

Ahmad Azman

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Stomach Chips

"Malaysia is now the #1 fattest country in SE Asia " The Star Online 22/4/2013
1. Family and friends
- Helps financially and promotes the business as well.
2. Bank financing
- one of the common ways that people raise funds for their small business is through a bank loan
3. Business partner
- business partner willing to do investment and research if their own goals for the business are aligned with our company and when they are interested in this stomach chips.
4. Using own funds
- If our company has got a big enough sum available, this can seem to be a good option as our company won't have to pay interest and we will keep control over the business.
1. It's cheap (microchip ranging from RM 9-22, cuff electrodes ranging from RM 9.50-RM 19)
2. Reversible
3. No hunger pangs (unlike gastric banding)
4. No adverse side effects to body.
5. Effective against obesity,diabetes,cardiovascular diseases and weight loss.(Person will have no desire to eat, therefore won't cheat during the process and vice versa)
Potential Buyers
1. Patients suffering from obesity,diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
2. People looking to control weight the natural way.
3. People with a history of hereditary diseases "Prevention is better than cure".
Raising funds to reserch and produce the stomach chips:
The public will love it because :
-The chip and cuffs are designed to read and process electrical and chemical signatures of appetite within the nerve. The chip can then act upon these readings and send electrical signals to the brain reducing or stopping the urge to eat.
-Basically, the chip will tell the brain don't eat any more - the gut's full of food and you don't need to eat any more

The science behind the stomach chips
Stomach Chips
Monitors your diet to help YOU lose weight.
The fix:
Each year 15,000 to 39,000 people become blind due to diabetes after diagnosed with obesity.
1 in 5 Malaysian have diabetes
1 in 3 Malaysians above 30 years old are obese
How it's done
-Attached to the vagus nerve (in the abdomen) which plays a role in appetite using cuff electrodes.
-It involves an intelligent implantable modulator, just a few millimetres in length.

Stomach Chips
Compare it
Other weight-loss approach:
Did you know?
1.Gastric banding
2. Conventional diet and exercise
3. Gross surgery
4. Diet pills
In addition, the death toll for obese patients this year has risen to 22,701 obese patients and 3,205 diabetics in 2013.
Q&A Session
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