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Cleveland Marathon Multiple Sclerosis Dreams

Walk through of the Team MS Dreams Cleveland Marathon registration process :)

MS Dreams

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Cleveland Marathon Multiple Sclerosis Dreams

2013 Cleveland Marathon Thank you for your interest in
running a 2013 Marathon Race for
MS Dreams! You can choose to run
the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, or Full Marathon race while helping to make dreams come true for people with Multiple Sclerosis. START HERE! How do I get involved? When you sign up for one of the races on crowdrise.com, you are committing to raise a minimum amount. This can be done by asking family and friends, employers, doctors, anyone who you feel might sponsor your run. Payment Details 5K Race: $150 minimum
10K Race: $150 minimum
Half Marathon: $250 minimum
Full Marathon: $300 minimum

When you commit, we will register you for the race at no charge. We will collect your payment information up front through crowdrise.com and only bill you the difference if your minimum if it is not met. Fundraising Minimums Visit our runner sign up page at http://ow.ly/eeDkG
We also need volunteers, so if you are not a runner and wish to volunteer, click this link: http://ow.ly/eeFl6
If you have any questions, please contact us at dreams@msdreams.org or call (330) 333-2121. That is it! Each person who would like to run one of the races for MS Dreams ideally pays nothing! Once you sign up to run on our crowdrise.com page we will send you a code to register without being charged. You sign up to run the 5K for
MS Dreams and commit to raising $150 minimum. MS Dreams collects your payment information when you register through crowdrise.com and will send you a code to register for the race at no charge. If you have raised $150 or more by May 10th, you will not be charged. If your unable to raise your minimum we would charge your card the difference on May 10th. Example: We will provide our runners with shirts and a pre-race dinner meet and greet. Once you sign, up we will also post to Facebook and Twitter (this is over 4,000 people) to share your reason for running and help you raise funds to meet your goal. Most importantly you get to help us make a dream come true! What you get!
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