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Landscapes KS3 yr 7

No description

Emma Davies

on 16 July 2011

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Transcript of Landscapes KS3 yr 7

Landscapes Yr7 Project Aims: Art Artist study: Isabel Le Roux (South African artist) and Marc Quinn

Movement: Fauvism

Create a landscape picture that represents one of the seasons of the year in our country.

You need to develop imagery linking to landscapes to create your own abstract landscape
Your image will be in the style of the artist and art movement mentioned above. The leaders of the movement were Henri Matisse and André Derain. They used blending techniques and blended similar colours together. Fauvism used bright, bold, non-natural colours. They didn’t use much detail in their Art. Their aim was to express emotion through colour choice. Les Fauves were a short-lived and loose grouping of early 20th century Modern artists whose style was essentially expressionist, and generally featured landscapes in which forms were distorted. Describe these pictures using elements of art?
Texture How light effects landscapes? One of the most obvious differences between a sunrise and a sunset are the effects casted upon the clouds. Sunrise
In the morning when the sun peaks from behind the horizon, a golden orange spatters across the clouds, illuminating them like a glowing furnace. The shadows from the dark sides of the clouds seem to disappear from the glory of the light. Sunset
During a sunset you will see vibrant hues of pink, red, and violet, painted across the clouds. As the sun tucks behind the horizon, the shadows beyond the colours are more apparent, making the shocking colours at sunset all more vivid.
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