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Copy of Explain Any Topic

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Sadie Beres

on 28 November 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Explain Any Topic

The Aztec,Maya,and Olmec were all expert farmers. They also all grew corn,beans,and squash. The Olmec were fishers. The Aztec had flouting gardens that were called chinampas. The Maya used a grinding stone to grind corn.
The Maya,Aztec,and Olmec all were sculptors. They all made pottery. The Aztec made mosaics. The Olmec made large stone heads. The Maya were expert builders.
They all took interest in the stars. They all had a calender. The Maya had a bar and dot numerical system. The Aztec had sewers.
The Maya,Olmec, Aztecs

The Maya,Olmec,and Aztec all had similar religion. They all played a ball game including a rubber ball,and a hoop. The Maya had observatory. The Olmec were the mother country. The Aztec had a pyramid of the sun.
By: Sadie Beres
Delete all the help text and green arrows and get your topic zooming!
Ancient Civilization of Meso- America

The Maya, Aztec,and Olmec all traded jade. They all had a market. The Aztec exported and imported jewelry. The Maya traded limestone, marble, wood, copper and gold.The Olmec were a trade center.

Social organization
The Maya,Aztec,and Olmec were all had temples. They all had kings. The Aztec were skilled warriors. The Maya's most important god was Maize the corn god. The Olmec's most important god was the jaguar god who brought the rain.
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