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on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Power

The Problem with Power
How can power be used for good?
Power can be used for good by trying to make a change in the community which will benefit others.
The Wave
The Book Thief
Power for good is shown in the book, The Book Thief. Liesel Meminger is living in foster care with Hans and Rosa Hubberman. Liesel has a hard life because her younger brother has dies while going to live with her foster parents, and its seems as if Liesel's mother has abandoned her. Liesel's foster parents don't have much money, but they survive. Rosa Hubberman irons and washes the wealthy people's clothing, while Liesel's foster father is a painter and plays the accordion at pubs. An example of using power for good is when Liesel's father gives her a book for her birthday. Her father is a heavy smoker, so with his cigarettes he trades them for a couple of books. Liesel starts interrogating her father because books are expensive. Liesel's mother clarifies, "“You know what he did? He rolled up all his filthy cigarettes, went to the market when it was in town, and traded them with some gypsy'"(Strasser 89). This illustrates power for good because Hans Hubberman could have used those cigarettes to trade for his own use, but instead he uses them for his foster daughter. Now Liesel can have a chance to learn how to read, and now she has a chance to become successful.
Song Lyrics and Short Stories
Song lyrics can have hidden messages in them. Without knowing, Katy Perry lyrics can have the message of using power for good. In the Song "Roar", it states, “You held me down, but I got up (HEY!) /Already brushing off the dust/ You hear my voice, you hear that sound/ Like thunder gonna shake the ground/ You held me down, but I got up/ Get ready ’cause I’ve had enough” (Katy Perry). This shows power for good because she is tired of being pushed around. She is sticking up for herself by speaking up and not letting people trample her again. She is benefiting herself with using her power for good because she doesn't have to listen to others bossing her around. Another example of using power for good within this song is " 'Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar/ Louder, louder than a lion" (Katy Perry). The narrator is using power for good because she is standing up for herself and probably teaching the bully a lesson. That bully isn't going to bully anyone else anymore, since that one person stood up to the bully.

Life Experiences
Power for good can make a change in the community. When a person has the power to make a change in their community, the change will affect others around them. An example of using power for good is in the book The Wave. Ben Ross generates an idea that will give the students knowledge about leadership, and how easily people follow that leader. Ben Ross introduces The Wave to his class, and the students are in awe with the idea. When the students become familiar with The Wave, they feel as if they are one, as if they are a school of fish swimming in the ocean. One character feels like he is apart of something. This character states, “For the first time in my life I feel… well, nobody makes jokes about me anymore. I feel like I’m part of something special” (Strasser 83). This particular student is bullied, and no one talks to him. It is as if he is just part of the background. Now that most students are joining The Wave, he feels more confident in himself. There is no one to judge him.
Another use of power with good is when Laurie Sanders is excepting the idea of a uniformed assembly, but when Laurie starts uncovering the events that are happening outside of school, she starts becoming distant from the idea. Laurie states, “‘I will write and I will say anything that I want to and you can’t stop me’" (Strasser 113). Laurie is using her power to try to stop The Wave by writing about the events that have been happening outside of school, which will show The Wave members that The Wave is tearing the school apart. The Wave members are physically hurting others, and kids are afraid to go to school. Hopefully by writing the horrific events outside of school, Laurie hopes to use her power by trying to make students aware what is happening to those who are not participating in The Wave. This is an example of using power for good because she is using her power as a writer to alert people about what is happening to students outside of school.
Using Power for Good to make a Change and having the Change Benefit Others in the Community
Using power for good can also be used for standing up for what a person believes in. In The Wave, Laurie decides to not be part of The Wave because she doesn't have a worthy feeling about it. Laurie states, “‘Well count me out. I told you I quit. This is not a game anymore. People have been hurt’” (Strasser 113). Laurie is using her power for good by not following the crowd. Since Laurie is the most popular girl in school, it seems that if Laurie steps out of The Wave, then others will. By using her power for good, she is trying to set an example for others by quitting The Wave, so others can step back and see what is going on the outside. At fist The Wave is just a game. Laurie realizes that the members have been taking The Wave too seriously. That is one of the reasons why she quits The Wave. Using power for good can also be used for standing up for what a person believes in.
By using power for good can also benefit others in the community. With the help of The Wave, students have been excelling in school. Not all of the students have the motive to do well. All of the sudden students are participating more, and doing well in their classes. Ben Ross's wife is a music teacher, and she has noticed an improvement in her class as well. In The Wave it states, “In fact Christy says she’s even noticed an improvement in her classes because of it” (Strasser 78). The Wave is an impressive way of showing students how to work as a group, participate in classes, and to listen to what the leader is saying. The Wave is benefiting the students and the teachers because of the way the students are responding in the different classes. Ben Ross has created a system that has been helping the students improve in their school work.

There are many people that care about Liesel, and they understand where she comes from. One of the customers that Rosa Hubberman works for is the Mayor's wife. The following night, Liesel has stolen a book, and the Mayor's wife catches her. All through the next day, Liesel is anxious. The next day, for a peculiar reason, the Mayor's wife invited Liesel into the house. Liesel was terrified what the woman might do. Instead the woman invited her to the Mayor's library. Liesel was astonished because she couldn't envision so many books in one place, and why the woman is being so kind! Liesel was breathing in the surroundings around her. A quote explains what she was thinking. It states, “There were all different styles and sizes of lettering on spines of the black, the red, the gray, the every-colored books. It was one of the most beautiful things Liesel Meminger had ever seen” (Strasser 134). The Mayor's wife doesn't want Liesel to get in trouble, but instead she wanted to help Liesel. This shows using power for good because the woman is using her power to benefit Liesel by helping her to read, even though she isn't physically teaching her, but by giving her the opportunity to use the library to look at books.
Using Power for a good cause to Benefit others.
In the song "Restless Heart" by Matt Hires shows using power for good. There is someone that he used to love, but she broke his heart. This shows how he isn't going to fall in her trap again. One part of the lyrics states, "And I won't let this fire start/ You say love is all that you need/ Well you're not gonna get it from me" (Matt Hires). He is trying to not fall into her love, so he is standing up for himself by telling the girl "No", he doesn't want to get back together because he doesn't want to get hurt anymore. He is also doing this for others because she will learn her lesson. The song "Roar" and "Restless Heart" are similar because the narrators both stand up for themselves, and they are protecting the future by teaching the bullies not to hurt others.
The song "Fix You" by Coldplay is another example of using power for good. One section of the lyrics states, "Lights will guide you home/ And ignite your bones/ And I will try to fix you" ( Chris Martin). This is related to using power for good because the narrator cares about the person leaving. The narrator will fix that person and make them feel better. It's showing power for good because the narrator wants to keep the other person safe by guiding her home, and trying to fix her.

Power can be used to help many people, and create a legacy for the person that helps. In the short story, "Thank You M'am", the woman uses her wisdom, and her power to help a troubled boy. The boy was trying to steal her purse, but instead of calling the police and causing a worry around other people, she takes him home and teaches him how to behave. One quote states, “After that the woman said, ‘Pick up my pocketbook, boy, and give it here.’ She still held him. But she bent down enough to permit him to stoop and pick up her purse. Then she said, ‘Now ain’t you ashamed of yourself'" (Langston Hughes)? The woman makes him pick up her pocketbook like a gentleman should, and she disciplines him, her own way of disciplining a child. As shown in the passage, she doesn't call the police or start blaring out to people that someone was trying to steal her purse. She kept calm and helped the boy. This is using power for good because the boy is troubled, but the woman knows just by studying him, where he comes from. She realizes that calling the police will just make him even more troubled.
Power tends to be used with older siblings too. As an older sister, I have power, but many times I use it for good. An example of that would be showing my sister around through life. That means I giver her advice and tell her my experiences. II don't have an older sibling, so I have to figure things out myself. I don't want my sister to be alone and I want her to have someone to look to. With using my power as an older sister, I will guide her and help her along the way.
The problem with having everyone like being in a uniformed society is that there is one leader that people look up to, and they expect them to hold the power. That is what happens to Ben Ross. Everyone starts becoming involved with what Ben Ross says, and they expect him to do something miraculous. This opens up to the question, "What is the problem with power," because a person can abuse it and it allows the followers to easily follow the leader. That can cause the leader to have too much power. In my opinion, I say that there shouldn't be just one leader that has the say in everything, but multiple people that advise the leader. It's similar to the president. The president doesn't make laws and declares war on his own, he has many people that specializes in certain areas that help him. The problem with power is that people tend to get a big ego when having power.
A group or a person acquires and maintains power by the way people react to what the group or person gives the community. In The Wave Ben Ross gives the students reasons why The Wave will benefit them. The students are overwhelmed with the idea because they think that by creating The Wave, people will become more involved. Ben Ross got the student's attention and focus on him. That made him maintain his power because were looking up to him, wondering what he will say and do next. A person can maintain power by engaging people's attention with beneficial ideas.
Elizabeth Gallant
October 29, 2013
Period 5
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