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Advantages and disadvantages of poison gas in WWI

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Stan Gilliam

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Advantages and disadvantages of poison gas in WWI

Advantages and Disadvantages
By Stan Gilliam
Advantages and disadvantages of poison gas in WWI
Poison gas was very deadly and effective, and it caused over 1 million casualties and about 100,000 deaths.
It was effective because it was really hard to protect yourself from it, and it was usually used to surprise the enemy.
The gas did not kill most enemies instantly, it usually took many days to kill you, so it was slow and painful.
Poison gas relied on weather, if it was windy or raining, the gas would not work.
Sometimes if it was windy, the gas would blow back at the army who attacked, and it would kill there own troops.
The U.S killed about 2000 of their troops from their own gas because of this.
At some points the gas was ineffective because army's created gas masks.
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More Disadvantages
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More Advantages
Gas caused enemy troops to retreat
Caused temporary blindness
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German soldiers wearing gas masks in 1916.
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