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By Katherine Pouliot

Katherine Pouliot

on 26 February 2010

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Transcript of Acerola

Acerola Malpighia emarginata Appearance The Fruit is usually red or pink in color.
It is a lot like a cherry and is 1-3 cm wide. The bush the fruit grows on is
thick and covered in smooth green leaves. Other names
Barbados Cherry
West Indian Cherry
Wild Crapemyrtle
The Plant Kingdom
pretty self explanatory Division: Magnoliophyta A flowering plant. Sweet bay is also on this filum. Kingdom: Plantae Class: Magnoliopsida A flowering plant speicfically with flowy petals.Like... Magnolias Order: Malpighiales The largest order of flowering plants about 16,000 speicies. Family: Malpighiaceae Family of flowering plants native in the tropics and subtropics such as... Genus: Malpighia Shrubs or bushs that are subtropical or troptical with flowers and fruits. There are only 45 species of these. More Fun Facts You know those weird little trees they have in Japan well, Acerola shrubs have been used for those. Some older trees can produce 30-60 lbs of acerola fruits a year! Thats as much as..... THIS FISH! Lastly... Everyone loves acerolas!
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