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Competency Learning

No description

Abigail Borchert

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Competency Learning

Competency Learning
Candle question
1 think as far as you can imagine the process
2 when you come to a point where you not sure =>
3 create a question and make a assumption
4 create an experiment or do some research to certain your thinking
5 put the new knowledge into your work
What is competency based learning
Working at your own pace
Not restricted
Hands on
Why are we here
Explain competency based education
To expand teaching concepts
Showing different points of views
Learn from text books and teachers
Show that you know the material by tests.
Pure knowledge without connections.
Complete course work as a class
Credit is received from seat time requirements
Traditional Based
Competency based
Hands on
Showing not telling you know something
Learning on your own
Credit is based on mastery a subject or topic and general understanding
Students Progress at their own pace
Text books
Working materials depending on what each individual student is studying or working on, a building with classrooms and teachers to give instructions.
More Examples
Genius hour
Not every one does something
The students must be willing to participate
Why are students saying this?
Something needs to change, so what can you do as teachers?
Is competency based learning an answer to this problem?
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