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Andrew Luck for Chase Bank

No description

Ashley Nolley

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of Andrew Luck for Chase Bank

Andrew Luck for Chase Bank
Who is Andrew Luck?
Target market
Current Sponsorship Deals
Body Armor Superdrinks
Klipsch Audio

Why Luck is the Perfect Athlete for Chase
Contact Information
EAE: Elite Athlete Entertainment

Email: Andrewluckdeals@EAE.com

Phone Number: 305-837-3939

Strengths of Luck
Marketing Strategy
Standford Graduate
Good Decisi0n Making
Hard Working
TOMA among
NFL Quarterback's
Future of the NFL
Low Risk High Return
Long term deal
The Golden Ticket

Deal Specifics
Long term deal to make Andrew Luck the Face of Chase Mobile Banking.
Billboards, Television, and social media.
Can not accept any endorsements with other banks.
Chase can not accept any endorsement with any other quarterbacks.
Born Septemper 12, 1989 in Washington DC
Raised in Texas
Played at Stanford University
Won the Maxwell Award, Walter Camp Award, Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, 1st Team All-American, and Academic All-American.
Graduated with a Bachelor's in Architectural Design.
Three Time NFL Pro Bolwer

Luck's Weaknesses ....
Maybe, a little goofy!
Upgrade to phone with
mobile banking capability
Mobile Banking Promotions
Promo Code:

1 Free Beverage of
your choice, by
typing this
Promo at Colts
home games
Chase What Matters: Andrew Luck

Reduced rate for a section at Lucas Oil Stadium to college students using Chase App
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