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Differentiating the Modules

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Amanda Schaus

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Differentiating the Modules

Shawn Murray
May 13, 2014
High School
Webb's Depth of Knowledge
Determining Text Complexity
When adapting be sure to:
Supplemental Reading

1. Look at STAR data to identify reading levels

2. Find supplemental reading materials that are age appropriate, subject specific, and have the correct text complexity
Modify Materials

1. Supplemental Materials
2. Assessments
Analyze the qualitative measures of the text. Qualitative measures include:
• Levels of meaning
• Levels of purpose
• Structure
• Organization
• Language conventionality
• Language clarity
• Prior knowledge demands
In order to challenge our students and to align our assignments and assessments with CCLS we need to push instruction into Levels 2-4.
1. Align to CCLS
2. Give access to complex text at their reading level
3. Spend the majority of time in the text
4. Support their thinking with evidence
5. Write to express and support opinions and claims
6. Build independence and confidence over time
Great Site:

(for teachers - literacy resources - special education)

Differentiating the Modules
Summer Reading
1. Product
2. Content
3. Process
Summer reading participation has decreased significantly over the past 7 years.
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