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Railroad Expansion

No description

Jordan Craft

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Railroad Expansion

This change will allow faster shipment of goods at a smaller cost.
Railroad Expansion
By: Jordan, Grant, Andrew and Rebecca
The Standard Gauge Adoption
We Present...
The Standard Gauge is a newly used railway track Gauge. It will help each city track connect in one easy railway. Of course many different sized railroads are affecting many economical issues at the moment. Adopting this Gauge will unify the Railroad system and simplify any issue connecting city to city.

What is it?
Do you understand now?
With the great expansion on the United States and it's railways, adopting the standard gauge seems to only have good effects on our economy. It simplifies our international system and helps the transportation of goods at a cheaper price.
Thank you
With each builder free to choose the size track wanted you can imagine the many combinations in the United States. Adopting the Standard Gauge would be an excellent and successful project - many other countries are picking up on the idea as we speak.
Railroad Expansion
What should we do?
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