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The New Right

No description

Scott Thomas

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of The New Right

New Right since 1974 Economic Sphere The New Right Reactionary chain of thought from the Post War Consensus

The IEA tried to promote New Right thinking for a number of years without much success

Ted Heath's 1970 Manifesto was predominantly New Right, however he bottled it Thatcher embodies the New Right (Thatcherism)
Post Thatcher the New Right has surfaced all across the Conservative Party up until now
Major (Privatisations)
Hague - Save the Pound, Britain a Foreign Land
IDS - Abortion Controls
Howard - Immigration/Asylum/Crime
Cameron - Age Ratings
Belief in Free Market
Reduce Govt Expenditure
Reduce Taxes
Reduce power of Trade Unions
Economic Cooperation in Europe
Deregulation of Markets
Curb benefits
Background Social Sphere Anti Immigration
Anti Political Cooperation in Europe
US Special Relationship
Opposition to Devolution
Strong Victorian Moral Values Policies of Thatcher Lowered taxes: 83% down to 40%
Refused asylum for Vietnamese Boat People
Removed regulation in the stock market
Anti Trade Union Legislation
Regulation of Video Nasties Neo Liberal Economics - Neo Conservative Social Policy
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