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The Impact of Montserrat's Volcano

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Anna Pratley

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of The Impact of Montserrat's Volcano

Impact of Montserrat's Volcano Where is Montserrat? Montserrat is situated in the British West Indies in the Caribbean sea. It is above Guadeloupe and below the British Virgin Islands.
It's capital is Plymouth. What happened and when? The eruption happened in 1995 and it destroyed the capital, Plymouth - it continues to be active to this day. There were
huge mud and Pyroclastic flows It destroyed the capital so lots of buildings were ruined. It killed 17 people in pyroclastic flow. The airport was destroyed and closed off, meaning people
couldn't get off the island as easily as they could
before the eruption.
However, there were some good impacts such as new and improved buildings being built. What are the social impacts? Used to be a tourism island but volcano destroyed attractions (beaches)- except n0w the volcano is one. Now where beautiful places were situated, there is a mess of rubble. This has had a serious impact on the economy of Montserrat as it destroyed the tourism of this wonderful island.
The good impacts were that tourists now pay to see the volcano, meaning the island is getting the money it needs to improve. What was the economical impact? What is the environmental impact? Forests and beautiful scenery were destroyed, and the giant beaches that attract many tourists were ruined. Because of the lava erupting from the volcano, over half the island had to be evacuated to a safer part. It caused fires and mudflows, resulting in injuries or even deaths.
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