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Mike and Kelsey Email Marketing 2.0

No description

Mike Bast

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Mike and Kelsey Email Marketing 2.0

Email Marketing 2.0 Send Your Broadcast Housekeeping You're all on mute; use chat if you have urgent questions.

We will be holding a question and answer section at the end of the call.

$500 worth of email templates for all attendees that launch their Email Marketing 2.0 Broadcast within 3 days! What We'll Cover Email Marketing 2.0 What it is, why it works, and how to use it. Importance of Sending Your Broadcast Real Life Results from Real Businesses Rocking and Rolling with Infusionsoft Importing Data
Flowery vs. Basic Emails (Time and Place)
Using the Infusionsoft Templates
AUTOMATION LINKS (Techniques and Why?)
Send the Broadcast
How to get the $500 of content
Who Are These Guys? Kelsey Bratcher Michael Bast Why do Email Marketing 2.0? Happy Prospects Happy You Popularity of Email Marketing 82% of small businesses that are using or plan to use email marketing expect revenue growth. Email Open Rates “In our last report, the sector average open rate benchmark was 22%, though it was calculated utilizing a much smaller cohort. With average open rates now at 14%, email fatigue and the increasing use of email appends are likely the primary factors. Even so, some verticals Higher Education, Association & Membership, Disease & Health Services, Faith Based and Animal Welfare achieved 50% or better than the sector-wide benchmark.”

The Convio Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index™ Study: Executive Summary What affects open rates? Subject line
Time of day you send
“From” address
TIP: When the subject is relevant to the recipient, the copy isn't as important Why Email Marketing 1.0 Doesn't Work It’s Not Targeted

It’s Not Personal

It’s Not “Intelligent”
Email Marketing 2.0 Is Making Your
Email Program “Smart”.... But How?? Email Marketing 2.0 Data-driven marketing

Relevancy is paramount

Heavy personalization based on behavior

Intelligent auto-responders

Emails get opened & don’t get marked as SPAM

The right message, to the right person, @ the right time

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