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Peter Davies

on 7 March 2011

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Transcript of Hermes

Hermes Messenger Of The Gods Hermes was also the god of
animal husbandry
roads and travel
diplomacy and trade
language and writing
cunning wiles
athletic contests
astronomy and astrology Hermes His parents were Zeus and Maia (a daughter of the titans Atlas and Pleione)
He is also called Psychopompos which means "Herdsman of the Dead"
His Roman name is Mercury Aphrodite
- Eros
- Hermaphroditus (Daimon half-male half-female)
- Tyche
Chryses (priest of Apollo) Hermes' Lovers and Children Hermes' Childhood Born in a cave on Mount Cyllene
The day he was born he stole a herd of Apollo's cows and sacrificed two to the gods.
The same day he found a tortoise, killed it, and used its shell to make the first lyre using the cows' intestines.
Apollo caught Hermes when he saw that the lyre was made of cow intestines.
Zeus was proud of his son but still made Hermes return the rest of the cows.
Apollo heard the lyre and told baby Hermes that he would trade the cattle for the lyre.
He also invented the syrinx (a pan pipe) which Apollo also liked. So, he traded him his golden staff for the syrinx. Persephone
Carmentis (Arcadian Nymph)
- Evander (founder of Latium)
Dryope (Arcadian Nymph)
- Pan (God of Goat - herding and hunting)
And many others Attributes His wide-brimmed felt cap was the hat of Aidoneus (the Unseen) which could make him invisible
The caduceus (a Herald's staff from Apollo) with two intertwined serpents
Winged sandals (which allowed him to fly) Other Tasks Guide the souls of the dead to the underworld (was the one who took Eurydice back to Hades after Orpheus took her out).
Had to save Zues' lover, Io, who was transformed into a cow.
Lead the three goddesses, Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, to mount Ida, where Paris decided which one was most beautiful.
Took care of baby Dyonisus and took him to king Athamas, who brought him up.
Persuaded Calypso and Circe to leave Ulysses alone, during his trip back home.
Gave the ram with the golden fleece to Nephele, to help her save her children. Day of Hermes Wednesday is the day of Hermes or "Hemera Hermou" as the Greeks said.
Wednesday is named after the German god Woden, who was similar to Mercurius, the Roman version of Hermes. Statues of Hermes Hermes with baby Dyonisus Hermes wearing his travelers cap,
winged sandals, turmpet and pan-pipe Clever, bold, determined, athletic, and a powerful magician. He can charm monsters with his flute or lyre music. Hermes' Strengths No major weakness unless you count seldom staying still for long. Hermes' Weaknesses "Greek God Hermes." Greek Gods and Goddesses. Web. 04 Mar. 2011. <http://www.greek-gods-and-goddesses.com/greek-god-hermes.html>.

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