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Saffron and Bruce

feet first canal walks

Bothkennar Primary

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Saffron and Bruce

Feet First Canal walks Canal walk 1 Canal walk 2 Canal walk 3 Canal walk 5 Canal walk 6 Canal walk 4

The Forth and Clyde Canal is 9 ft deep and 35 miles long. It runs between Falkirk and Edinburgh. The Forth and Clyde Canal is a lock canal and has 39 locks. In 1768 the canal was started, and opened in 1840. It was made to be 60 feet wide. As transport advanced canals became deserted and went to waste and because of this situation the canals closed down. In the year two thousand the canals were regenerated and they were used by tourists. The highest part of the canal is close to Kilsyth. It continues past Twencher and Kirkintilloch to the Maryhill area of Glasgow. The Forth and Clyde Canal was built to link to the River Clyde. The Forth and Clyde Canal was designed by John Smeaton. In 1936 the canal was closed rather than having a motorway crossing over it. The Forth and Clyde canal took 22 years to build.

By Saffron
Canal walk 3 was at at the Carron Sea Lock. Canal walk 6 was at the Falkirk Wheel and the woods . Alan showed us the holes that were called lilias used by the Romans to defeat the Scots. After lunch we got to go on the Falkirk Wheel. Lastly we got to play at the park! Canal walk 4 was at the Falkirk Wheel we planted hawthorn bushes. Canal walk 5 was at Callendar Woods. we played a game where you have a piece of string and a picture to do with the environment and link it up to the tree. At the Carron sea lock
we seen small kelpies. Bothkennar Primary school went to the Falkirk Prospect Hill Tunnel. They got to the end and got in the bus. Miss Cassidy counted the children. “Two, four, six, eight,” and once she finished there was only twenty. Miss Cassidy asked Miss Williamson, “Was there twenty who came?”
“No, there’s supposed to be twenty-two,” replied Miss Williamson. Miss Cassidy counted again. “Two, four, six, eight,” and she ended up with twenty again. There was two missing.
Ms. Mitchell shouted, “Stop the bus!” then Miss Williamson shouted, “Who is sitting on their own?”
“Me!” shouted Bruce. Miss Mitchell came up to Bruce.
“Who were you with?”
“I was with Little Ross and Katie.”
Miss Mitchell asked, “What were they doing?”
Bruce said, “They were moaning who had the best shoes while Alan was speaking about the Prospect Hill Tunnel. I told them to stop it but they didn’t hear me and after that I didn’t hear them then I went to ask Ross.” Miss Williamson phoned the police.

The police arrived there and Mrs Currie ran to the front of the bus. Then the bus driver was acting strange then the police got in. Mrs Currie told them everything.

The police rushed to the Prospect Hill Tunnel but this ghostly wailing sound came out of no where so the police entered the coal-black mouth of the tunnel. Two children popped out of no where and then Miss Williamson rushed up to the Prospect Hill Tunnel. Miss Williamson got up there and there was two children standing there like they were brain wiped. The gooey tunnel had a blood-red decayed chain hanging from the roof top. Walls were like jelly. There was something strange in the tunnel. There was this type of haze. There were thousands of stalactites hanging from the roof.

This ghostly wailing sound came again but this was a mystery that no one will know. The children got back to the bus and all of a sudden they got their memory back but they didn’t know what happened to them so they got to the school and got ready to go home.

By Bruce
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