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Fiona's Canadian Inquiry Adventure

No description

fiona truong

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Fiona's Canadian Inquiry Adventure

Our Canadian Inquiry Adventure
Each Bubble you create needs:
Title: What is the topic or question?
Answer or information: This is the good copy and should be edited
Picture: to support the information (include a short heading to explain what the picture is)
Source(s): for your information so you are not plagiarizing

Bubble Making
Program of Studies
Things the government requires students to know!
This website will tell you all the stems for your grade and has some resources and helpful sites to help you find information
On the left side:
Click Grade 4 --> 4.2
Grade 5 --> 5.2
Grade 5 --> 5.3
Histories & Stories of Ways of Life in Canada
Canada: Shaping an Identity
The Stories, Histories & Peoples of Alberta
These are the main focus topics/questions of our unit and may be helpful in guiding your inquiry questions. Grade 4's are welcome to access grade 5 info and vis versa.
Room 8
Access what we looked at in class
This website contains the PDFs for chapters we have looked at. It also has other information you can use to help answer your questions.

Look for the province you are interested in reviewing

Find the chapter you want to review

Click on the PDF
Tester Box
Play around with the different features in prezi. Add things, resize, change texts, add images, Customize, add an educational video from Youtube, add symbols and shapes .
Once you know how to use the features, use them to ENHANCE your work on your final project. Make sure they have a purpose.
cute stuff!
why do they speak French?

They speak French because it makes a colorful language there.

source: www.newfoundlandandlabrador
NewFoundLand And Labrador
what do the Beothuk eat?
source: http://school.esdnl.ca/persalvic/beothuks/cody.html
main food: others :
caribou -seals
- clams
-birds eggs

some pictures
bird eggs
What Are The Innu's culture's
They don't belive in god but they belive in creater. They also follow animals their food.They believe that each animal had a spirit.Also their ability comes from dreams and songs.
who is Martin Frobisher?

He lived from 1535-1594. He travels alot on boats. He was born in yorkish, England. He died when he was age 59.He discovered resolution Island.Martin Frobisher was one of the first explorers in NewfoundLand and Labrador.He got killed because he got caught fighting with the spanish. Then he died in United kingdom.
Linda alchin ( youtube)
resolution island
Martin Frobisher
Is it possible that there are still beothuk Indians today?
There are probaly indians in other tribes who have a beothuk ancestors in their family tree. Also some beothuk
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