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The Effects of the Black Death on Europe

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Sarah Jan

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of The Effects of the Black Death on Europe

The Effects of the Black Death on Europe Sarah Jan Change in Society and Way of Life The
Effects on the Caste System Focus Areas The Effects on Economy #1 #2 #3 The Black Death is known as one of the most catastrophic events in European history
Also known as the Bubonic Plague
It was highly contagious and spread very quickly throughout Europe
75,000,000 people died from the Black Death in Europe alone
It was spread on ships by rats that were infected by fleas
European way of life stopped during the Black Death Background Information The Effects on Economy Three Economical Effects Decrease in population
Labor shortages
High Death Rate Before the Black Death the population spiked
Decreased during the Black Death due to decreased birthrate, infant mortality, and spread of the disease
Arranged marriages played an important role in the population decrease Decrease in Population Labor Shortages Less people working
Wages increased
There were not many skilled workers available
Many peasants experienced increased wages Many families were disappearing
Chance of infants surviving past birth was very low
Men were dying and leaving women to carry out the family name High Death Rate Many countries broke ties with countries affected by the plague
Less workers to produce trade products
Did not return to normal for many years Decrease of Trading The trade increased eventually years after the Black Death
Luxury Trade items became popular
Nobles wanted to show their status
Peasants with new riches wanted to show their new status Increase of Trade Change in Society The way people lived their lives was very different and Europe was very different. Citizens were not following laws in fear
Peasants began revolting against the nobility
Peasants were often killed
Some revolts ended in major destruction of cities
Many peasants were thrown in jails Stopped Following Laws People were scared of dying
A scapegoat was needed
Jews were accused throughout history because they were the minority
Jews accused of poisoning wells
Jews were persecuted for causing the Black Death in many parts of Europe
Accusation of Jews The Black Death was one of the main causes for the decline of the Manorial system, also known as serfdom. Decline of the Manorial System Many lords died due to the plague
Peasants were able to overtake manors
Lords who died often had to leave women in charge, and they could not defend themselves against the peasants
Nobles Lost Power Over Lands/Manors Families Disappeared Inheritance was left with women
Women could not protect families like men
Women gained more power in the family life
The new role of women was short lived and did not return until the reformation
The Black Death had both positive and negative effects on Europe's society, economy and caste system. Europe and other countries now know how a society should react in the even of a catastrophe. Conclusion
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