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3D Modeling: Repeated Elements - Train Project Day 3

No description

Jonathan Rothman

on 7 February 2016

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Transcript of 3D Modeling: Repeated Elements - Train Project Day 3

Unit 3: Solid Modeling
Repeated Elements: Rail Cars Day 3

Today's assignment:
Your task: arrange your rail cars in a line.
Model a locomotive and attach it to the front of the train.
Complete all questions on the
Day 3 Google doc
To complete:
1. Open the Day 3 Google doc.
2. Follow all instructions and answer all questions within.

We'll share and discuss our progress in the last 10 minutes of class!
Learning Objective
: You will be able to create larger groupings from basic elements.

Essential Question
: How can we identify basic elements and repeated groupings of those elements within a design?
Do Now
: This is one of your classmate's rail cars!

Let's think about how they designed it with such precision.

One of the first steps taken to form the platform bed is to
hollow it out

Describe step-by-step how to go from the BEFORE to the AFTER image below. Be specific, describing the tools, primitives, and actions used for each step.
Today's Deliverable
1. Complete the line of rail cars.
2. Design a Locomotive and attach it to the front of the train.
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