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Challenges to this kind of culture couplings From Jose Amozurrutia at LabCOMPLex

jose amos

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Interculturality

¿How do we construct inter-culturality? Interculturality does not emphasize the difference between cultures, but the dynamic relationship between them, which leads implicitly to questions about the rigidity of cultural property. That is, culture as a process
rather than as finished product.

This approach underscores
the relational dimension of intercultural outstanding,
and directs attention
to change processes
generated by interactions
of different social actors. But interculturality hides or disguises
the necessary asymmetry
between actors in a class society,

and secondly,
the fact that its practice
especially in the field of educational policies - are often limited to implement
the assimilation of cultures dominated with the model of the dominant culture. In addition, considering the great challenge implied in dynamical conceptualization of culture, interculturalism should recognize the lack of theoretical development, and the necessity to go from concept to the practice
and from results to concepts
in a dialectical strategy. Possible forms of interculturality

If we pay attention to processes that can carry out several types of relationships between individuals or groups
with different cultural perspectives,
we may distinguish two modes:
by osmosis (prototype of low process)
by crasis (as prototype of fast track). 1 2 3 4 5
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