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Robotix Kolkata Workshop 2016

No description

Shashwat Gupta

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Robotix Kolkata Workshop 2016

#Gear up

for a great show

What Do we Do?
What is Robotics ?
Robot Demonstration
Contact Us
We conduct the annual competition ROBOTIX, which is held during KSHITIJ at IIT Kharagpur.
Largest Robotics competition in South-East Asia with International participation.
Machine: Anything that reduces human effort.
Robot: Intelligent machine.
Stair Traversal

Who Are We?
Technology Robotix Society is an official society under Technology Students' Gymkhana, IIT Kharagpur.
The focal point for activities and projects related to robotics in the campus.
The nerve centre of hobby robotics in India.

National and International participation
Locomotion System
As the name suggests, a motor which uses a DC (Direct Current) power
Can run in both directions
Speed Controllable
DC Motor
Locomotion System
As the name suggests a mobile robot must have a system to make it move
This system gives our machine the ability to move forward, backward and take turns
It may also provide for climbing up and down

Power Systems
Manual Robotics
Components Of Robot
Locomotion system
Power supply system
Sensory Devices for Feedback
Control Circuitry

Wire Cutting Mechanism
The Mechanism consists of a high speed DC motor connected coaxially with a circular blade. The setup works similar to a chain saw and when the motor rotates at high RPM, it cuts through the wire

As the rotating blade comes in contact with wires, it receives an impulse at very small surface area that cuts the wire from that point
Robot Demonstration
Differential Drive
A differential drive is the most basic drive, which consists of two sets of wheels that can be driven independently.
Movement using DD
DC Motor Working
Direction of rotation controlled by polarity of current / voltage
Speed of rotation controlled by average energy (power) fed to the motor
Autonomous Robotics
Serial Communication
Different gestures that can been mapped:

Hand parallel to the ground -> stationary
Hand tilted forward -> forward
Hand tilted backward -> backward
Hand tilted right -> right
Hand tilted left -> left
Gesture Control
Analogous to human sensory organs
Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin
Sensors tell the robot about its surroundings
Improves its actions and decision making ability
Provides feedback control
Weight Measurement
1. Force sensitive resistor
A resistor which changes its value when a load is applied to it. This property can be used to measure weight
Introduction to Microcontrollers
A microcontroller is essentially a small computer on a chip
It is easily programmable using a computer and is reusable
There are many families of microcontrollers available, but the AVR family is very popular - since its cheap, easy and fast.
ATMega Microcontroller
Development Boards
Gives voltage corresponding to acceleration experienced about that axis
Demonstrative working of accelerometer
Only a model, actual MEMS accelerometers don’t have ball-box arrangement
Robot Demonstration
2. Flex sensor
It changes its resistance depending on the amount of bend on the sensor.
Computer Vision
Image Enhancement
Computer Human Interface
Vision Entertainment
Augmented Reality
Object Detection,
Recognition & Tracking
Essentials for learning Computer Vision
Basics of Programming
C/C++ language
- Functions
- Structures
- Pointers
Using OpenCV Library
Image Processing Basics
Text Tutorials | Video Tutorials | Sample Codes | OpenCV | MATLAB
Image Processing
What Is An Image?
Channels / Grayscale / BGR Images
Binary Images
Color Detection
Edge Detection
Digital Image
Analogous to a 2D Array
A pixel, short for picture element, is the smallest independent unit of an image.
The brightness is stored as an unsigned integer (8 bit) between 0 and 255.
The resolution refers to the number of pixels comprising the image.
i.e. [width x height]
[350 x 233]
Channels refer to the number of values that each pixel contains.
Ordinary RGB coloured image is 24 bit.
Other colourspace types:
Grayscale Images
This is a single-channel type of image wherein each pixel contains only the intensity, as a numerical value between 0 and 255.
Images of this type are composed exclusively of different shades of gray, varying from complete black (at 0) to complete white (at 255).
The greater the value of the pixel, the brighter it is.
This refers to a digital image that has only two values for each pixel.
This type of image is used typically to ignore unwanted areas in an image and focus only on the relevant portions.
Binary Images
Color Detection
Robot Demonstration
3. Load cell
A physical element that can translate pressure (force) into an electrical signal.
Some Common Methods used
The gesture controlled robot uses an Accelerometer
(ADXL335 has been shown)
protocol can be used to communicate between Arduino(s) and computers over a USB cable (wired) or
/Zigbee (wireless). Available library contains built-in functions for the same.
There are two data lines in serial communication, RX and TX, which stands for receiver and transmitter
200+Teams for R.A.F.T.
Largest Participation in Autonomous Robotics Event: Stalker
First ever Light detection event with an active arena: LUMOS
First ever Vibration sensing event: Tremors
First semi-autonomous Event: Minefield was introduced
First Ever IR Hex decoding event: Sherlock
Bomb Disposal
Cutting Mechanism, Lifting Mechanism and Maneuverable Land Traversal
To build a manually controlled robot which is capable of cutting the required wires and lifting objects
To build a robot that is capable of making a building by successfully receiving the number of blocks required sent using wireless communication and differentiating between hollow and solid bricks by successful autonomous weight detection
Weight differentiation (pressure or load sensor), Buttonless traversal and Wireless data communication
Manual Event
Autonomous Event
Image Processing Event
The robots are trying to take over the world. Hence, they need to build an empire. For achieving this, they have to first collect all possible resources in a given time
Path Planning, Autonomous Traversal, Colour Detection and Shape Detection
Bomb Disposal Prototype Demo
B.R.I.C.K.S Prototype Demo
(Builder Recognising Instructions for Cube Keeping and Sorting)


Email: contact@robotix.in
Robotix Android App
Apply Now !
Submissions Open !
What Next ?
Corridor Following
Gesture Recognition
Line Follower
Goodie Question
Q. Which semi-autonomous robot captured the first images of Titanic on the ocean floor.
Jason Junior Or JJ
Goodie Question
Q. ASIMO, is a humanoid robot designed and developed by Honda. What is it's full form.
Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility
Goodie Question
LS3, Atlas, Petman, Cheetah, BigDog, SandFlea, RHex, RiSE

These are some robots developed by which famous Robotics Company?
Boston Dynamics
Goodie Question
Which man made robot went beyond our solar system and is still being operated?
Voyager 1
Goodie Question
What is the name of this sensor?
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