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Music and.... Religion!

No description

Brandon Smith

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Music and.... Religion!

Music and.... Religion!
The taboo hits home!
Change in social status
Everyday religious actions
Coroner "pronouncing" death
"Inauguration" of a Presidency
"Pomp & Circumstance" example
Non-overlapping magisteria
"We don't need to resolve the physical/metaphysical question before proceeding with the evolutionary one"

...A bit specious, but it works!
...He also unwittingly makes the dichotomy in the book...
Ritual in Human and non-human animal life
Ritual of repeated pattern found throughout the animal kingdom
Religion is very little(physically) without ritual
Allows us to recognize "outsiders"
Only humans tie these rituals to belief systems.
Where does music come in?
Music encodes ritual
Strengthens neural connections
Correct ritual=maximal spiritual benefit
Indispensable to Religious Life!
Can create ecstasy related to "spiritual experience"
Very sensitive topic
Attempts to assuage consternation seem patronizing
Creates the very dichotomy he "seeks" to dismantle
Quote evidence
Cherry-picks scholars
Makes some outright false claims
Top of 201
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