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Communication Theory

No description

Julie Carlsen

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Communication Theory

Communication Planning
Image by Tom Mooring
Communication Context
Communication Theory
- Why is context important?

- Stimulus-Response model example

- Cultural context example

- Other important factors according to context

- Conclusion
- Introductory Word on Planning

-Explanation of Focus

-Define Key Concepts

-Discuss Key Concepts using Examples
Communication strategies
Chapter 1-5
Communication Theories
- What is a theory?

- Theory in Marketing & Communication relation

- McQuail's five categories for theories

- Theory interactions and connection

Sally Domino
Mikael Berg
Julie Carlsen
- Different perspectives (
Robert Kaplan
"Why have I chosen this theory"?

- In perspective to buyers behaivor

- Research of context such as (
social background

- Information
= communication -->
research important
Cultural context
All communication is intercultural
" Gudy and Kim (1984)

Bouman - habitus
(social heritage, norms etc.)

- smoking campaign
(young vs. elderly)

* Social enviroment
(group norms)

* Space
(paris vs slums of chicago or where should information be delivered)

* Time
(Time-less or Time-bound information)
- Basic strategies

- Supply vs. distribution strategies

- Strategies defined from inside or outside

- The content distribution and processing strategies

Supply vs distribution strategy
- Passive or active

Strategies defined from inside or outside
- Definition of problem and solution identified

The content/distribution and processing strategies
- Processing strategy is less goal-directed
- Distribution strategy is fast and cheap

- Argumentation
Effects, Effectiveness and Feedback
- Defining Effect
- Defining Effectiveness
- Importance of Feedback
External initiative
information campaign
Grass roots initiative
- The Importance of Perception in Planning

- Considering Perspectives

Communication solution is defined
Outside the system
Inside the system
Simon Højen
What is a Theory?

- Set of ideas

- Casual explanation - Understanding

- Practical explanation - Guidance

- Prediction - Consequence

Definition of problem and goal arises
Outside the system
Inside the system
- Gained insight - Plan work from it

- "A lot of people in Denmark eat loads of vegetables and fruit and appreciate ecological products"
-"If you can't measure something, you can't control it"
- By R.Kaplan

Marketing and communication relation
MMC students like Apple
McQuail´s five categories
- Social scientific theory

- Cultural Theory

- Normative theory

- Operational theory

- Commensense theory
Interconnection between theories
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