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Writing & Revising Stations

No description

Kwinetta Murray

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Writing & Revising Stations

To provide you with meaningful feedback from your teacher and peers to help you accomplish the requirements for our standard, and prepare you for the final draft of your narrative
-You will visit 3 stations . The final stop will be back to your seat to BEGIN working on your final draft of the narrative.
-You will spend between 14-18 minutes at each station.
-Follow the directions in the folder provided at each station.
Close Reading & Peer Edit Station
Directions: Exchange papers with a group member. Provide feedback using the Peer editing checklist provided here in the folder. I would like for you to read your person’s paper once aloud (in an inside voice), and once to yourself before using the peer editing checklist to evaluate the narrative. Please remember to be respectful when providing your comments to your peers.

---On the BACK of your peer checklist, please provide your peer with ONE GLOW and ONE GROW.

"Another way to say" Station
Using the resources provided in the folder, look at your paper and identify commonly used words and phrases within your narrative and adjust the wording. You may also use a thesaurus that will be provided for you.

Teacher Feedback Station
Ms. Murray will review your work and provide you with meaningful feedback, and help point you in the direction to go for moving forward to your final draft.
Assignment paper
1. Get Along
2. Respect Others
3. Participate
4. Use your inside voices
5. On task behavior
6. Stay in your group
Writing & Revising Stations
Directions & Group Work Norms
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