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10 Things to bring to mars

No description

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of 10 Things to bring to mars

The Basics
The Necessities
Heat/Electricity Generators
Space Suit
Long-term items
Seeds of crops (food) and Trees
10 Things to bring to Mars
Perishable Food
You need water to live and to water the crops
Our destination
You need food to live, preferably canned goods, as it can be stored longer
The Atmospher on Mars is really thin and unable to provide Oxygen
Bubble Domes
Fuel Cells and Heaters are vital to your survival on Mars. The temperature varies from -125 to 22 degrees celsius. You also need electricity to run oxygen generators and to start a colony!
Shelter is important, and these bubble domes can help store
oxgygen and is a really good design when living on Mars (made of coldproof materials)
With colonizing on Mars comes the exploration of the planet. Since the temperature drops down to -56 at night during the summer and -125 during the winter, a warm suit is neccesary.
Space Rover
Although Mars is half the size of Earth, we still need a form of transportation to get around and explore the rest of the planet. (preferably electricity charged)
The food is not going to last forever. The oxygen supply is also going to run out soon.
Fertilized Soil
You need a place to plant the things, and the soil on Mars lack the nutrients to grow the plants we have on Earth.
Humans are the most imporant part! If you want to colonize a planet, you need people to work together and to populate the planet.
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