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daniela orsulic

on 7 September 2015

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Transcript of NEW YORK CITY

New York City is the City that never sleeps,also known as the Big apple. It is Home to the Empire State Building, Times Square, Statue of Liberty and other iconic sites.Between the history, the legends, the art, the music and the people, New York City is arguably the capital of the world. New York is f opitunities, And as some would say, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.
What is New York?
New York is a mega city which has a population of 8.4 million people. It is located up north west of America.
What are the attractions of New York, making people wanting to live there?
New York has the Most iconic skyline, which is one of the things which draw peoples attention to this mega city. But thneere is more than just the beauty of this place, for why you should live in New York City.There are great apartments you can find to rent. There are some of the most famous restaurants in New York and thousands of them, so your taste buds would never get bored. The entertainment in New York is never ending since they have the most theaters in the world. The transport system is amazing in new york and the subways run 24/7 meaning wherever, whenever you need to get somewhere, there is always a way to get around. New York is one such a convinient city, whatever you want to or go, New york has it all. Many people like to live in New york because of business. Wall street is one of the biggest financial districs of the world. This attracts many business men to live here. New York is also massive in show business so people who want to pursue a career in the performing arts, are atracted to live in New York city.
Some of New York's most iconic sights
Times square
Times Square is a major commercial intersection and neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Streets
Statue of liberty
The Statue of Liberty is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York Harbor in New York City, in the United States.
Empire state building
The Empire State Building is a 102-story skyscraper located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, on Fifth Avenue between West 33rd and 34th Streets
central park
Central Park is an urban park in the central part of the borough of Manhattan, New York City. It was initially opened in 1857, on 778 acres of city-owned land, later expanding to its current size of 843 acres.
Brooklyn bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge is a hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge in New York City and is one of the oldest bridges of either type in the United States. Completed in 1883, it connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East River
Social equity
New york, Although, is an expensive city and it would only be a great place to live if you can afford it. Behind all the beauty and desirable features of New York, there comes some bad ones, and like everything, the pros and cons.
Why is it desirable?
New York has affordable apartments for everyone.43 housing units are affordable and available for every 100 households classified as extremely low-income.This is more affordable than most american cities which usually only have 29 affordable housing units for every 100.compared to other cities New York has the greatest number of subsidized housing units of any American city.
Why is it not Desirable?
Besides all the great stuff about new york, There are still cons.For the people who cant afford much it would be hard because, Their Income taxes are one of the highest among the country. Their gas is 5-10 percent more than average. Most of the people who cannot afford to live in the rich part of new york usually live in the bronx.

social equity
The wealthy
The wealthy of New york live in the rich areas such as Manhatten. They are able to to anything and go wherever in new york since they have the money, unlike the poor.
The poor
The poor live in more poor areas such as the bronx.
The transport used in new york 50 years ago was different and there wasn't much of it back then compared to now. The station had 4 tracks, 2 local, 2 express.
Transport system in new york now is much more active. they have grand central station which has 67 train tracks with trains coming about every 50 secounds
About 50 years back, In new york, the beetles had a concert which was the worlds largest crowded concert at the time.
The culture is still similar today by having high fashion, Broadway,the many museums, Chinatown,and much more.
New York's transportation system is a cooperation of complex systems of infrastructure.Their transport system is the largest systems in the world,27 line run across 1300kn of track, 468 stations link all the lines together. Most of the subway lines are built under skyscrapers and rivers. 75% of New Yorkers don't own cars and reply on the transport to get them around.One of New York's most disasterest events was The 911, which destroyed 430m of train tunnel and the Courtland street station, crushing 4 subway lines.This event changed New York so dramatically, especially the transport system.
Why is it desirable?
The transportation system includes grand central station, which is one of the largest subway station on earth. You can get anywhere you need to go in the city quickly, safely, cheaply and you can do it 24 hours a day. There is no other city in the US where this is possible.The subway system has 27 lines which 24 hours 7 days a week.No matter where or when you need to get somewhere, you always have access to a train in New York.
Why is it not desirable?
The traffic can get extremely heavy if need to get somewhere with and with so many cabs being used it creates even more traffic. The trains can also become really packed and hard to move in people traffic at the subway station. 2/3 of the station is built under skyscrapers and water meaning any time it can cave in and crashing down, such as the 911 which had a massive impact of New York. With so many people catch one vechle there is a chance that there may be one criminal or terrorist on the train about to cause a crime-and not just criminals to worry about, there just has to be one person to stuff it up for every one else.There is also the rare possibility of a train de-railing or crashing which has happeneda few times before among new york subways causing fatal accidents.
New York's Is a multicultural city.New York has one of the most diverse populations of the world with people coming from all over the world.This seems to be why the city has such a range of culture.China town was one of the first cultural town formed. It now is one of the largest enclave of chinese people in western hemisphere. There are many more ethnic towns in new york such as italy and Korea town. Modern Dance developed in new york, As well as the city being top venue for jazz, New York was also the home of hip hop, punk rock, and the beat generation. New York is known for it's music, film, theater, dance and visual art.New York is a major center for museums since they are big on the arts. The city is also has a big fashion
Why is it desirable?
The entertainment in New york is never ending and with all the things to do, its hard to get board. New york is known for the being the home of museums. They have some of the most iconic museums such as the museum of modern arts,metropolitan museum of arts, guggenheim and many more. New York has so many different choices and a variety of entertainment, it is another reason why many love to live in New York. The city has international little towns such as China town and little Italy, which is great for people who have come from other countries to be able to share their culture with other residents of New York.
Why is it not desirable?
It may not be desirable because It is not available to everyone, only the wealthy people since most ordinary New Yorkers don't live in Manhatten, so it's not close or easy for them to access and usaully too expensive for a casual thing to do. Another reason may be because in Harlem and The Bronx, is where Hip Hop was created, which in one way is bad because they rap about oppression and negative thoughts most of the time. They also promoting being in gangs and saying it's fine to kill people. This was possibly because they couldn't afford to live in the rich and wealthy side of New York, so they would rap about all their problems
How Has New York Changed Over time?
When the 9 11 happened, new york has changed in many way. But other things have changed also since the 50s. More newer buildings have developed, more transport and more taxis are seen. There's people every where texting and wi-fi signals permeating the airwaves.The destruction of the WTC stands as the biggest thing that changed. Second to that, I'd have to cite the revitalization of Times Square, which has more or less gone from red light district to family friendly tourist area. The next biggest change would have to be crime itself and the subway quality in general, both of which have vastly improved over the past 25 years.
There are many people who live in new york who don't think it's the greatest place to live. One of the biggest reasons for that is because the people who live there aren't exactly the nicest. Although New York is quite divers, it is also really a racist place. New York also isn't the most peaceful place either with cops around all the time. Compared to New York, living in any other city in America is like riding a bike with training wheels. Nothing is as hard, as miserable, but also as rewarding as braving the daily battle of life in The City.
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