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Julian Tanner

on 10 April 2017

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Temperate Oceans
Temperate oceans
Where are temperate oceans located?

The temperate oceans are located between the ice pack limits and the equator.
What makes our ecosystem unique?
10 Facts About our Ecosystem
1. The climate is quite warm, for an ocean.
2. The temperate oceans get approximately 3 centimeters of rain a year.
3. The temperature of the temperate ocean really varies on the location of the area.
4. The area of the temperate oceans is about 140 million miles.
5. Giant Kelp can grow up to 125 feet in length.
6. The temperate oceans of the world are home to fish, mammals, and birds as well as a myriad of invertebrates.
7. The basking shark is the second - largest living species of fish.
8. The gray whales jaw is only slightly arched and the snout is pointed.
9. Crustaceans are bilaterally symmetrical and have exoskeletons.
10.Emperor penguins, largest of the penguin family, endure the worst breeding conditions of any bird.
Biotic and Abiotic
If you didn't know, biotic means a living thing in an ecosystem. Abiotic means something that is not living in an ecosystem. These are some biotic and abiotic things in the temperate oceans.

Biotic | Abiotic
Fish | seaweed
coral | coral (coral is both)
lobster | water
plankton | sand
sharks | wind
jellyfish | temperature
eels | sun
crabs | nutrients
These are only some of the things that are biotic and abiotic in the ocean.
What are the temperate oceans?

The Temperate oceans are a section of the oceans where multiple tides come together.
The temperate oceans are pretty unique. Even the water is unique, not even the things in it. The water is more blue because the temperate oceans haven't seen as much water pollution as the other parts of the ocean. This makes the oceans healthier than others all around the globe. The species of animals and plant life have a better chance of living because of the lack of pollution. There are even some unknown species roaming around the ocean. There could be even more than you think there are, there could be billions of more fish species.
temperate oceans
By: Caelyn and Julian
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