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No description

Sam Deuceace

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Marijuana

Short tearm effects (:

- fatigue
- dry mouth
- red eyes
long term effects (:

- doctor visits
- can't run long distances
- schizophrenia

Cost (:

Marijuana is priced
in grams, ounces,
pounds,kilos. Slang terms (:

- weed
- pot
- kush
- grass
- green
- dank
Emotional effects of marijuana depend on the
reason of use. Some use marijuana as medicine
for depression or anxiety, while others use it
to escape problems or worries. Physical effects include laziness, urge to eat,
dehyrdation. Psychological effects depend on user, and also on how
long the user has been smoking and also how many times
they smoke a day. Constant smokers smoke once or twice
a day while people who do not smoke everyday smoke around once or twice a week.
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