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World Hunger Presentation

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Cameron ingersoll

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of World Hunger Presentation

Budapest San
Francisco Naples, Florida Hungry children in Somalia awaiting food. Is there enough food? Yes! there is enough food for everyone on the earth to have at least 2720 calories per day. How can we prevent it? Giving our time and effort into local food distributors or food banks. We can start small in our community. By giving, packaging, or distributing food, we can save lives. What is Hunger? Who is affected? The Economy We can help them! By providing the people with education and proper training for a job, it can boost their career. Helping the economy and creating sustainable life for following generations. Statistics show that healthy women have healthy children who can grow and function normally with proper nutrition and be successful. We can give them a future! The deficiency of food and proper nutrition. A feeling
of discomfort or weakness due to lack of energy provided. Preventable?
COMPLETELY 925 million people go hungry everyday, out
of that number: 25,000 people die from hunger
related causes. People world wide, especially women and children
suffer from hunger. 925 million people world wide. The majority of these people living in the African/Asian region of the world. But us American's are affected too. 48.8 million people go hungry every day in the United States. 16 million are children. Their affordable food: ground maize.
which is a form of corn containing minimal to no nutritious benefits Meals for Hope
Meals on Wheels
Harry Chapin Food Bank
Grace Place
St. Matthews House Local Food distributors and donation centers Donate or Volunteer Today! Give others a brighter future! Children in Africa excited to learn and go to school. My Own Efforts My church and I packaging food at Meals of Hope. That's Me! We Packaged 12,663 meals in 2 hours! Imagine what we could accomplish if we all helped. Somalia DONATE If there is enough food, where is it all going? The food produced simply goes to waste: of the 50% of food that doesn't get eaten, its going bad. If we could donate this undistributed food to people in need wouldn't we save lives? The world produces enough food for 100% of the worlds population. The food production goes up with the population. Citation: http://faostat.fao.org/site/339/default.aspx Citation: Donate online feedingamerica.org
stophungernow.org http://www.worldhunger.org/articles/Learn/world%20hunger%20facts%202002.htm Volunteer at food distribution centers, donate money, and give your time. Donate just $1, and you can feed a child overseas for an entire day. http://jaredslighterside.blogspot.com/2011/02/starving-children-in-africa.html Citation: Money plays as a leading cause of hunger in the world. People can't sustain themselves if they do not have money to do so. Many of people in the African region have to live on a average $1 a day. For $4 a month, you could give up one day's worth of coffee to save a child's life. That's the price of a simple cup of coffee! They're lucky to afford rice, or maize. http://www.povertyprogram.com/Cup%20of%20Joe.pdf Citation: Hunger kills more people than AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis combined! Invest in better agriculture, support small farmers, link farmers to markets, and provide better health care Educate By educating the population, using proper tools, and training the people. They can become successful and have stable jobs. If we provide the knowledge they need to do so, it can save their families, and potentially boost their economy as well. The more educated inhabitants, there is increased numbers in the labor force, resulting in more money! The $ is the problem, without it people can't buy food. If people make more money, they can survive with the proper food needs. World Hunger By: Cameron Ingersoll Globally we can make a difference
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