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Charles Dickens

No description

Mao-Jie Chen

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Charles Dickens

The Victorian age
Charles Dickens

His life
His works
His life
- Portsea, England
- 7 February 1812
- English writer and social critic
- Greatest novelist of the Victorian era
- A lot of popularity

His life
His works
- Novels
-Short stories

Big positive influence on the English language

6th most cited writer in the Oxford English Dictionary

Popularised words that have never been used before
-What was Dickens's attitude towards
the poor?
-Did Dickens really 'invent' Christmas?
-Was Dickens paid by the word?

Short stories
-Oliver Twist
-A Christmas Carol
-Hard Times
What did he contribute to the English language?
New names
New words
-Social novel
-Main character: Oliver Twist
Orphan  pickpocket  trained to steal
Contempory social issues

Dark humour and sarcasm

Oliver Twist

-Big success
-Main character: Scrooge
selfish old man  kinder man
a change of heart is needed + Christmas = right season
-Rejuvenates the old Christmas traditions

A Christmas Carol

-Industrial novel
Tension between working class and owners
-The Hands
Danger: humans  machines
-Compassion and imagination = important

Hard Times

-American notes
-Pictures from Italy

Non-fiction works

-Trip to North America
-Critical observation of the new revolutionary
North American society

American notes

-Trip to Italy
-A nation of great contrasts

Pictures of Italy

-Close –up snaphots
-14 000 letters
-All aspects of society


A short story = brief work of literature
narrative prose.
79 pages/ 8 pages
The haunted house: Christmas (1859)
The signal-man: Railway and ghost (1866)
A message from the sea: Adventure
Books -->plays
The actors invented an ending
Dickensian: to describe an unacceptable level of poverty.

Household words:
Mid Victorian
March 1850 to May 1859
All the year round:
1859 and 1895
Idiom: I've got his number
New names: Oliver Twist, Scrooge, Fagin
Slang: butter-fingers, sawbones
New words: creeps, messiness
- John and Elisabeth
- London
- Factory
- The working conditions
- Law office
- Journalist
The last years of his life
- 1860
- He died
- His last full roman
- He died
- Last full roman
What else did he contribute?/Modern references
White Christmas
Charles Dickens Museum
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