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Haim Ginott Classroom Management

No description

Kassi Moser

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Haim Ginott Classroom Management

Haim Ginott Theory of Classroom Management Teachers should model expected behavior Successful discipline includes student self-discipline Behavior Contracts Demonstrate self-discipline, good manners, and civil behavior Teachers should manage classroom atmosphere rather than individual behavior direct students to proper behaviors
respect student needs
Student self-discipline relies on trust and mutual respect with the teacher Students can have an active role
By writing the contract, you show faith in student's abilities
Contracts allow for mutual understanding of classroom expectations fostering better behavior We use behavior contracts in our science classes at my placement. We have both students and parents sign the contract and are able to refer back to the contract if there are any problems in class. By entering into a contract with students, explaining the expectations clearly at the beginning of the year, and modeling respectful, proper behavior we can create a classroom atmosphere with little misbehavior that includes student self-discipline. Sources:

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